I have had Cody on BB for about a year. He recently started having diarrhea about 6 times a day. This has been going on for 3 1/2 wks now. I took him to the vet 2 wks ago and all tests came back clean. The medicine they gave me didn't work.

 I am now guessing that it is the BB Blue Life Protection Formula Natural Chicken & Brown Rice... I returned one bag to Petsmart, but the symptoms continue with the new bag, so I am taking him off the food completely and he is just getting boiled chicken breast w/white rice untile his gut gets better. This is so crazy. Poor little guy. 

Too much Vit D in food:  http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm228986.htm  I have eliminated every other possibility...hopefully the chick/rice will work.

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o wow i hope Cody is ok. that recall happened a few months ago though but maybe that store didnt pull all the contaminated food off the shelves. i would give a call to BB company as they will reimburse u for the food or possibly a vet visit.
Hi Cody, generally BB is not for everyone, some find it too rich, Mocha never get consistent result with it, Vienna always did fine on the other hand. Did you match the hypervitaminosis D batch with your bag? It sounds quite impossible, whenever a recall is issued, the regional reps are responsible to notify and pull the products off their shelfs, so chances are very slim in your case.

If all the blood work are clear, then your only option is an allergy test. Get to the root of the problem, don't experiment with different dog foods.
Thanks for the advice. Hopefully we will get this figured out soon.
It looks like that recall happened in October of last year, so the affected food should have been pulled some time ago. Unless maybe you had extra bags saved to use? I would definitely try the chicken and rice for a while until his tummy feels better, and then try re-introducing his kibble very slowly. I would be inclined to have the vet do another fecal as well. Not every sample will show results every time.

Franklin had long term diarrhea (for about 2 weeks) and everything tested clean, we did an x-ray and found he had ingested a HUGE rock. There are about a million things that can cause diarrhea and it is so hard to try to find the cause. Definitely worth trying the chicken and rice or a prescription intestinal diet (Hills I/D or Euk. Low Residue). I personally would feed the prescription diet because it is a balanced diet and made to feed long term where the chicken and rice is not balanced and should only be fed for a week or so. When Franklin was a puppy he was on I/D for about a month because of diarrhea, turned out it was coccidia and 2 fecals came up negative before we got a positive. Remember, a negative fecal does not mean your dog does not have parasites, it just means there weren't any seen in the sample. Has he been around standing water? To dog parks? Drinking out of a puddle that was possibly contaminated? It could easily be giardia or coccidia because those are very hard to see on a fecal and in some cases very hard to treat as well. If it continues I would submit another fecal for testing or ask if they have any snap tests where they are searching for antibodies rather than the eggs.

My vet also recommended the Hill's ID for Bella stating the same as Melissa that is more balanced. Bella didn't do well on the chicken and rice either.

I hope Cody is feeling better.  I agree with Jane and would have the vet do another fecal sample.  My girl, Bailey, caught Giardia (parasite) when I boarded her at a vet's office a long time ago.  I found out they were treating a sick dog who had it and its very contagious.  She had severe diarrhea and when I took her to her own vet (not the same place I boarded her) he said that Giardia is very hard to find in fecal samples.  It took them 20 minutes to see the parasite.  And the first medication didn't work and we had to put her on another medication and it was called Flagyl.  That did the trick...it took a couple of days but it was the only thing that got her back to normal.  I also fed her cooked ground sirloin and rice the entire time she was sick.  Chicken makes Bailey's stool very soft.

Hopefully its nothing like that, but it wouldn't hurt to have the vet do another stool sample, especially if its still going on. Hope he feels better very soon!  :)

Yup the recall was last October, so all the recalled food should be long off the shelves, unless the store from which you bought it didn't hear about the recall.


Oh...and blood tests may not show an excess of Vitamin D...it would show extremely elevated calcium levels. I know because my Oliver was one of the dogs severely affected by the levels of vitamin D (some dogs are really more sensitive than others...just like people). I have to say that BB was awesome about the whole thing and Oliver is back to himself again.

Hope Cody starts to improve.  I would think chicken and rice would help stabilize his system.  Also, canned pumpkin really helps firm things up - or if they are constipated it helps loosen things up - which is odd I know, but it just helps kind of set everything right.  I give it to Sophie in her food every day....to help with keep her weight down.  It adds bulk, fiber, vitamins and little calories.
Thanks so much for the info...the chicken and rice has helped...firm all day today, thank goodness. What kind of food do you feed Sophie?


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