We found a loving Blue Welsh Corgy. Male not fixed.He is the sweetest most mellow dog .He loves to cuddle , he loves just to be by me .H e's actually better than my cogry lol. He is inside for part of the day and at night. He seems to be house broke , no accidents,no problems what so ever with him . I have been going through cancer and because of my health and all the treatments I have to do I can't take on another dog at this time . I love corgys and they are the best dogs for families and kids . He is great around my kids and gets aklong great with my other corgys and the neighbors cats. I just can't bear to just take him to the local humane society , Please help me find a loving home for him !!! He seems to be about 3 years old I am guessing????We live in Arizona , Maricopa city .Please call or text with serious inquiries only 602-810-6865, Or if you have any thoughts on where else I could post and get a good family for him ......Thank, Thanks , Its breaking my heart that I cant keep him and that he needs a good home ..



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He looks like a purebred Cardigan to me and I would definitely contact the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Rescue Trust.  Their contact person in your area (according to the website is Julie Munn), telephone # 575-687-2317, email roliewyncardi@yahoo.com 

Please consider calling them, because unless you know the person personally, it's possible he could get into the wrong hands, someone might use him in a "mill operation".  It's possible that a rescuer might know his original breeder and be  returned to "her/him". The rescue will also get him a full health check up and screening for heart worms and other diseases.  Best thing is they seriously check out any future home.

Thanks, for taking him into your home and family.

This is about one of the sweetest dogs I have ever encountered in my life :)

He appears to be a blue heeler-corgi mix. He is soooo long! 

Here he is now:

He got checked out for heartworms & neutered & his rear dewclaws removed (good thing as he is quite the klutz).

He love chasing squirrels with his "brother" Bugsy, drinking water from the cool mountain streams & snuggling with mama. He has found bear poo to roll in & shortly after that he learned to swim in the pond. He is a very good car dog! Soon he will experience his first snow :)

Peggy...so does this mean you went and got him???? He is so great looking:)

Well, originally he got transported (by family) to a couple in San Diego. He had some difficulty with all their stairs & such so they thought maybe he might be better off in a different home. I met the couple in Vegas (I live in Colo) & brought him home the end of May. He was very happy in this picture :)

This dog has amazing tail-wagging abilities!! When he is happy there better not be anything in his way. We go for walkies twice a day. I am fortunate to live in a small mountain town so he is living the good life! I keep our walks varied between sidewalks, paved paths, & deep woods. He is normally quite quiet (very un-corgi) but loves to back up his brother when necessary. He is quite affectionate and loves to give kisses or touch you with a front paw. He is not generally playful, but some days I think he is extremely happy & he shows it by doing a happy-lap around the meadow (the ones he tries in the house go woefully awry). It brings tears to my eyes when he does this :)

oh yea & my vet guessed his age to be 4-6 yrs old. I put him on glucosomine immediately (for the stair problem). At first I was thinking he might have vision trouble, but she said his eyes were fine. I finally concluded that he is just a (cute) dopey clutz. I also got him some good raw knuckle bones to clean his teeth. His favourite treat is cheese. He has amazing springs in his legs & can get stuff off the kitchen counter. I think Bugsy talks him into grabbing stuff & then steals it from him. They ate butter last week, cheeky turds. He does better with stairs now, but I think if they are uncarpeted & he is going down them he has difficulty because of his proportions (really long spine & not very tall legs)

He gets comments on his looks constantly :) He can throw out a "pity me" look that will make utter an audible "awwwww"

Love it...aren't rescues the greatest? In my home I have 3 very special ones and I am so happy they have a good life and I believe they know it too.

What a beautiful boy!  I just rescued one myself so my 9 year old wouldnt be alone.  I know he will find a great home and be loved.  Good luck to you with your health issues.  Give him a hug from all of us corgi lovers!

I'd snatch him up in a heart beat if I lived closer :C

oh he's been safe & sound with me for 4 months.

I was just posting an update so everyone could see he was happy & well-taken care of. no worries Lemmy :)

I am so glad he found a good homehe is such a sweetheart , it literally broke my heart to have to not be able to keep him. I m still going through traetments and testing , so its slow going ..but I know I'll overcome this. I still have my other corgi who is by my side always , when we found this one as a stray I had to find him a home, he was so sweet . Thanks for giving him a great home I ve been worried about him .

Hope : )


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