Igor loves to chew on rawhide bones but when he is done with them; he decides to hide them. So he proceeds to "dig" in the carpet, couch, my bed, and even ME (primarily my lap) to "hide" his bone in. He will carry it all around the house until he finds a suitable spot. At first I thought it was cute but now its kinda annoying that when ever I sit down, I find a bone! Or whenever I lie down in my bed there is a bone under my pillow! Any other corgis out there do this?

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The only place that Keke hide the bone... .... is in her stomach :) She had it figured out that it is safer there.
Get your corgi to teach that to my corgi! lol
Mine just chew their new bones until they get sick of them and then they sit there on the carpet unused... BUT if I get them the exact same kind.. new.. they go crazy again.

Roxi puts all her toys on her window ledge. We have a wall window with a small ledge about two inches off the ground for plants and she'll sit on the carpet and watch the squirrels. Whatever toy she had in her mouth at the time ends up parked right there. So its a little collection like she organized them or something on a window sill lol.

My friends husky leaves gifts for him in his bed lol He'll go to bed and find toys under his covers and bones under his pillow lol.
Frosty never hides anything in the house, but just the other day he started hiding them outside. Luckily for us, he doesn't try to burying them! He walks around until he finds a plant that is slightly higher than all the others, puts the bone next to it, then uses his head to push the leaves over the bone. Of course this never works cause the leaves just pop back upright again, but he seems to think the bone is hidden lol!!
Ha! I forgot that part! Yea, Igor does that too with his head. He tries to bury or hide the bone by using his head to shovel or push something on top of it. When shoves his bone under my leg when I'm sitting he tries to shove my thigh over top of the bone. I keep telling him that's not gonna work but he doesn't listen... :/
I don't know if you’re looking for advice, but if you want to curb the behaviour, you could try implementing a rule where the pup can only chew their bone in one specific area. We did that with Casey and her beef hoof in the basement (our basement is carpeted) because we didn't want her making a disgusting mess on the carpet with the hoof and her slobber. She has a dog bed and a little towel, and she's not allowed off the bed/towel with the chew hoof. If she wants to chew it, she has to stay within that area.
My mom did this with their dog. She would put an extra bed sheet on the floor and the dog was only allowed to chew the bone on the sheet. When bone chewing was done, she would just pick up the sheet and wash it.
I think I just might try the blanket thing. I don't know how well it will work. Meh pup is stubborn....and spoiled.
Whenever he tries to move the bone off the blanket, make him give it to you and put it back in the middle of the blanket. After not that long, he will get the point. Not that he won't always try to sneak off the blanket with it, cause they are sneaky! : )
Mine doesn't do it with her chews she does it with treats, always trying to save them for later. Then we wounder what in the world is she eating, neither of us has giving her anything lol. Know we know lol. She we grab it and hold it in her month till you arn't looking than she runs off and hides it.
That is really odd! Igor would never do that with his treats! I don't even think he chews them, just inhales them!
I have two dogs, an 8 year old terrier mix and my 8 month old corgi, and they are very overprotective of their rawhides. My terrier gnaws hers down as quickly as possible but my corgi just takes them and hides them around the house. He ends up forgetting about them and then my other dog finds them and eats them. He has such a short attention span!


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