Can anyone recommend good boot that fits a Corgi?  I have tried a few but they all fall off!  We are having feet issues on our walks. :(

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we bought infant size socks and placed the velcro from the boots around their short little legs to hold them up.  You can put two pairs on and then velcro if you have to.....NEVER found a pair that would fit or boy.  We live within 12 miles of Jeffers Vet supply and surfice it to say we tried every pair and or bought every pair they had......used the baby socks instead....HAHAHAH  Alot less expessive as well i might add.  ^..^

Haha! Yes, they do get expensive.  I will definitely try the baby socks. What size have you used?   Thank you so much for your comments.

What do you need them for? I am just thinking that if the boots don't work could you use the stuff that John Wolff(?) uses on his's like a Musher's salve or something. Just a thought.

I do like the socks/velcro idea also.


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