Hi everyone! I am at my wit's end with Boots' bad breath! he is eleven months old and his breath smells like dead fish! I took him to the Dr. and he said he was fine, that he is teething, but he is done teething. He doesnt eat cat poop cause I have a CleverCat litter box, which the hole is on the top and he wont be able to get in, I take him out to the bathroom, so it is impossible he eats or drinks his excretions. I changed his diet from solid gold products to natural balance vegetarian products(and the vegetarian diet is so good for Superstar and Boots since their coat is shinier and are more active!) But, there is nothing that I can do for his bad breath! I have washed his teeth and gave him minty treats, and nope, nothing. is there something that I can do????Thanks!

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Finn has fishy breath to and he's over a year old. I can't figure out the cause either. He too is on Natural Balance and the Duck and Potato formula has Salmon oil in it so I thought that could be it. The Venison formula he's on now doesn't have the Salmon oil in it which is not why I switched but as an added benefit I did kind of hope his breath would improve. He doesn't really get treats but he does get joint supplements (not sure if this could cause it) and he shews bones but that's it. The vet said his teeth are very clean and look great so I too am at a loss. Some times his breath is much more pungent than usual though nothing as far as his diet changes.
How often do they get their teeth brush? It is by far more effective than denta stix or greenies.
We feed raw meat, with just a wee bit of kibble (like, a tablespoon, Wellness Sweet Potato and whitefish)). I experimented with increasing the kibble (like, 1/3 c kibble + 1/2 c raw meat 2x daily). I think their teeth got dirtier and their breath got stinky with the increased kibble. We've never brushed their teeth.
We get these big beef bones at the pet store (lightly parboiled, but essentially uncooked). They love these things and slowly gnaw them down. I believe this helps to clean their teeth. We've never brushed their teeth.
I try to get them to floss twice a day, but they just look at me funny.
We don't brush Finn's teeth either. I tried starting when he was very little but he has never stood for it. Sure, I can stick the brush in his mouth but it's never going to scrub his teeth because his tongue is hell bent shoving the brush out. I've tried all the tricks to getting him used to it and nothing works. The vets say his teeth are very clean and healthy so we must be doing something right. I think his chewing helps a lot with that.
The thing that keeps me wondering is that Superstar's breath is nowhere near Bootsie's stank. I wash their teeth twice a week and give them the dental treats, but nothing. since they are vegetarian, I can try to give them canned pumpkin mixed in with their food. and sometimes I can steam some rice with vegetable broth. I actually found these mouth rinse for dogs that I can give them to. IDK about flossing, that would be so weird...lol.
Are you trying to keep them off meat products all together? I know you mentioned their shiny coats since putting them on Natural Balance but I don't think it is because of the vegetarian formula. We've used two different NB foods as I mentioned above and Finn's coat stays silky and shiny. Most of their foods have oils in them that contribute to this. I;m not suggesting that your food is bad, I;m just curious why you chose to steer away from meat.


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