Just a heads up--I'm sure most people on here know how to spot a bad breeder but if you hear of a cardi breeder in Arkansas who recently had a litter, be wary. I rescued a "cardigan" from a woman...he was a large pem with a tail. She never told me his other name, said he had knocked up her pem, got her money and went on her way. He's in a happy home (and now neutered ) but his new owner
Maintained contact with the previous one, and she's apparantly sold almost all of his pups as cardigans. The dad didn't come with papers, and he was a pem. I saw photos of the mom....she's a pem. Just wanted everyone to know in case they stumbled upon this!

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Name and other contact info?

I deleted her number after I was done rescuing (bad habit) but I believe her name was Meagan. Never gave me a last name. I know that's not much help, but I figure she'd be selling them through the paper or craigslist. (that's how I found out about he male she wanted to get rid of)

City? Street Address? How big of an operation?

I appreciate the thoroughness but as I said that's all the info I have haha. Only (HOPEFULLY) this one litter that I'm aware of. I was just hoping to get the word out to save at least someone to think they're getting a discount cardi...or even a purebred corgi.
The last I knew she was in marmaduke Arkansas, btw


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