We traveled a good distance to get our Winnie about 3 weeks ago. The breeder at the time of pick-up said the papers had arrived that day and she had not had the time to fill them out. She said she would send them out later that week. Well, she will not return our calls and no papers yet. All we know is Winnie was 9 weeks old and had 2 rounds of shots and worming. What do we do now?

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If you did your research and got Winnie from a reputable breeder hopefully they will come.. I had that problem with Tucker. I got him from a very respected breeder in the area but it took over a month before she got around to sending the papers. We got them eventually. There is always the chance that there are no papers though.

Good luck!
We didnt get Wilfs papers for nearly 2 months but we bought him from a Crufts breeder so we knew we would get them eventually
We did all the right things when we selected our breeder, and it took us an unacceptable amount of time to get our papers, but we did get them. I think he was near 6 months old before we finally had them.

We worked from the PWCCA list. We talked to one breeder who only had one litter a year, and none around the time we were looking for a pup. She recommended our breeder. We looked her up online. She was active showing, we found her mentioned positively on other breeders' web sites, and I believe at the time she was even an officer of one of the state clubs. We called her, she asked us all the right questions, and had great answers for all of ours.

Her pups were well-bred, well-socialized, and had all their health certs and shots. And even with all that....

The sire was from overseas, and something got messed up on the first batch of papers that they sent in. Wrong number in the wrong spot or something. And once that delay happened, it seemed to me at least that she put off correcting it til she was ready to start showing some pups from that litter in puppy classes, and needed the paperwork. I dunno, that was just my impression. But as I said we got them very late. Even with all that, we are so thrilled with our dog that we would use her again.

SOME breeders (not all) are much better with dogs than with people or paperwork, and things go wrong. If you did your homework and are confident you have a reputable breeder, I would wait about 3 more weeks and then try calling again. Perhaps she has a good reason for not returning your calls right now (on the road, a very sick dog, a new litter that needs special care, etc). Some are more responsive than others, and not all breeders who are good with dogs are equally good with people.
I love my breeder so much I went back for a second puppy -- but she is juggling many balls involving kids, husband, dogs and puppies, so also took awhile. However, when I did pick up the puppies, I got the vet's "puppy file" listing all the shots thus far, so I knew where that stood. That was really the important thing. Keep after her, if she's good, she'll get them to you. And check prior discussions here -- someone else used a breeder who they ended up not liking too much, and they gave them a run-around for months, and they eventually got the papers but I've forgotten how. If I find it, I'll post you a link.
Ok, I tried to edit my comment and for some reason can't. When I say "unacceptable", in retrospect the delay caused me absolutely no problems at all; the pup certainly didn't need his papers at that time. It was only frustrating because I was starting to second-guess if perhaps I had missed a warning sign and was being scammed. Of course that was me being paranoid, and was the farthest thing from the truth.

I love my breeder and my dog is wonderful, and I would absolutely use her again, and this time if there were a delay in papers I wouldn't worry because I would have no reason to second-guess myself.

Breeders are busy people; most juggle full-time jobs, sometimes families, often a half-dozen dogs who are breeding or showing or competing. Bad things happen to good breeders. LOL. So yeah, delays can happen even with the good ones.
Perhaps an e-mail reminder? Some folks have an easier time when they have a reminder in writing. Is she a member of a regional corgi club? If so and you have not had success in an acceptable time perhaps contacting them will push her along. Yes, some breeders are busy but most will also have a puppy packet ready for their new owners when the pups are picked up. I must admit unless it was one of my personal pals I would not be too happy. It is their responsibility to have these things in order when the pup is going to their new home.
Here's that other discussion on paper troubles I was thinking of. Hopefully she's just busy and will get them to you soon.
You need to find out whether she's busy or avoiding you. Try to call from another phone number and see if she picks up. How far away is it from you?
Also, tell us what breeder it is, some people on here might have dealt with her, so you'll get some opinion on that.
Was this a lady in Kyle's Ford?
First off..if she had the papers there and told you this, then there was no reason she couldn't fill them out and give them to you right then and there. There is nothing to filling that paperwork out..less then 5 minutes. Make sure she isn't under suspension and AKC is holding that paperwork. She should of provided registration #'s of the dam and sire to you along w/registered names so you would have some form of identification on your pup. I with hold AKC reg. papers til buyers provide a spay or neuter cert. from the vet but I have them fill out the reg. papers into their name, I sign off on it, and on the contract this is all spelled out w/the pups reg. # along w/sire and dams. This way they know there are papers and its in their name and in the contract is all the proof.
Well she called yesterday to say she had been on vacation. The papers were to be mailed today. I am going to send a camplaint to AKC and the state breeders assoc. Once I get all her information I will publish it for everybody.
Is there a reason other than the late papers that you wish to complain? If getting your papers one month after getting the pup is your only complaint, to be honest that seems relatively minor. Did she have all the other papers for you at pick-up? Our papers were late, but when we got the puppy we were given the vet records for the whole litter, his shot and worming records, and the full registered names of the parents.


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