Well we've been wanting to get another dog for months, and we keep looking for a corgi breeder in PA but the only when I ever find (other than my fiance's dad) is EZ Brook and it's a bit of a drive for us. (I'm talking 5 hours, most of it being turnpike driving, and we'd want Moose to meet the other "puppies" first to find out which one HE likes best and I don't think pulling over on the turnpike to let our dog pee constitutes an emergency pullover) My fiance loves Beagles and I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but I'm not sure of how they get along with corgis. We are trying to stick to the medium breeds like Corgis because we live in an apartment and while it's big, it's not big enough for a big dog. We would love to own a Cardigan also (like a blue merle, we both love them) but I can't find a single Cardigan breeder at all in PA. We aren't getting married til october 2012 and we plan on having a "Dog friendly" honeymoon so they can go with us, and we've already lived in this apartment for a year and plan on staying for atleast one more. Its 2 br and the spare room we just use for storage purposes.

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Well I'm sure I'm very biased but I'd say go for the cardigan! Did you do a breeder search on the club's website? It looks like there are quite a few breeders around your area. There are a couple in Ohio that are around 3 hours from you too I think.


Thanks for the link! I'm checking it out now. :D We both LOVE corgis but it's so difficult to find a breeder. lol I don't see me ever owning another dog other than a corgi. lol I never thought to check for a club site.

Just one word of warning - when I started looking for a cardi 2 of the 3 breeders I contacted were extremely slow responding to my email (like a month+...). Hopefully you won't have the same experience, but it might be worth it just to call some of them if you want a quick reply.

Thanks :) Right now we're just looking into breeds and the breeders price (so we can find out how much we would approximately need and buy another crate and everything prior to bringing home another dog)
Most cardigans will run you between $700-1200. The majority seem to be around the $800-900 range though.
Corgis get along with any size dog as long as they have a chance to get used to them. However, they (corgis) can be a little bossy and it helps if the other dog is easy going. Sometimes I have to protect the dobe from the corgis!
Dogs with appropriately-sized legs look weird to me now. D:
Who is it?

There are plenty of Pembroke breeders in PA and Ohio, but most of them don't have websites. 


www.pwcca.org,   click on breeder referral, search by state.

Hi Krystal, it all really depends on Moose, his personality, how submissive / dominant...etc. Some corgis do very well when they are out meeting other dogs on neutral ground, but when it comes to adding a new member on home turf? Totally different story. Many corgis are perfectly fine on their own, it is often the owner who thinks adding a companion is a good idea. Read this FAQ.


Since we've all experienced the joy of dog ownership, I am not going to bore you with the positive side. It is not my intention to discourage you from getting another dog, I just want to present you things that often get overlooked. Do an honest evaluation of you and your fiancee's financial, living and job health. What happens when one of you loose a job for 1 year? Do you have 6 months worth of savings to carry you through? We've had members here who have lost their jobs, homes, married / divorced, newborn with allergies...etc and they had to make the hard choice of letting their dogs go. I personally have fostered many corgis because of those reasons. No one likes to think about those things, but they are very real.


The economy plays a big role, when you add another dog to the family, you are looking at 2K+ for the first year (1 dog), 2 emergency vet visits will bump that up to 4K easily. Getting married is stressful and costly, when you bring two dogs on the road, it's $25-45 per dog / night + your human hotel bill. 


As far as Cardigan goes, there is currently an excess inventory of Cardigan on the East coast, there are 22 litters of Cardigan puppies from Florida to Ontario. One show breeder that I talked to recently is having a tough time placing hers, so there are a LOT to choose from.


I'm going to give you a list of dogs that my corgis have "LIVED" in the same house for a few days.

Again, every corgi is different and these are the dogs that my corgis have done well with. 







Here's a list of dogs that we "MEET" on a daily basis and have done well

German Sheppard

Golden Retriever


King Charles 

Bassett Hound



Border Collie


Grey Hound






Here's a list of dogs that my (racist) corgis met and CANNOT get along


Chow Chow - my neighbour have 2 big fluffy ones, they are very well trained chow, but my Mocha is scared of them and would not stop growling and barking, we work with our neighbour every chance we get but so far not successful.


Jack Russell - 1 block away from us, always bark through the window or across the street, its the owner, not the dog or the breed. 

I think you might want to read about the other breeds and what they need also. I would never get a beagle just because of their strong hunting/smell instinct although I had a rescue:) For me it would be too much work to keep them from leaving the yard and most of mine always stay in the yard.   Just some more to think about! Good luck!


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