I was playing with Laverne this morning and she grabbed ahold of my pant leg as I was running past her and I heard a snap. I looked in her mouth and one of her canine teeth is broken half off! She didnt cry but she licks the air sometimes and it bled a little. I called my Vet and the receptionist said since its just a baby tooth I didnt need to worry about it, but Im not convinced. She is almost 14 weeks old. Have any of you had this issue and if so what did you do? She is acting fine but I feel just AWFUL!

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I'm sure she's okay. I don't know how old Winston was when I saw one of his teeth on the ground (usually dogs just swallow them... I know right.. gross..) but he was probably like 18 weeks. Sometimes teeth are just getting weaker since they're about to fall out. I would just call back and check with the actual vet on the phone or something like that. I'm sure the receptionist knows a lot but it's always comforting to know otherwise.
Don't worry. It's like a little kid who falls and breaks a tooth or knocks one out. The Adult teeth will come in.
She'll be fine. Before you know it you will find baby teeth all over the place and she will get her big girl choppers! Then she will really be able to do some major damage.
Aw, poor little Laverne! I'm glad it was just a baby tooth. I'm sure vets see broken teeth all the time, so I would probably trust what they say. Are you afraid that there could be root damage or something more permanent?
Yeah I guess Im worried about infection that would damage her permanent teeth but you are right. Im sure the Vet has seen this a lot and if she isnt worried then I shouldnt be either. I will just keep an eye on her and watch for infection.
When do the puppy canines usually fall out on their own and the adult ones come in?
Thank you all for taking the time to respond to my worries. It really does help!
Oh man, I'm trying to remember...I think around 4 or 5 months. It very of gradual.

Watching for infection is a great idea. I hope it heals up ok. :(
This happened to Seamus at about the same age (he was a pants biter too). Same tooth and everything. At that age they still have their baby teeth so it's not as big a deal unless the tooth or whats left of it gets infected. We flushed the stub out with fresh water and kept an eye on it. He just had to go through life with a broken baby canine for a few more months and it dropped out when his new teeth came in. I double checked with my vet when we took him in shortly after and they said it was nothing to worry about. Puppies break and lose baby teeth quite often. Wait until her grown up teeth start coming in and you catch her spitting out puppy teeth like rocky balboa. pteew.
Thanks Josh! Its comforting to know Im not alone. I felt just awful. Ive brushed her stump and it bled and then I felt awful all over again. I will just try to keep it clean and keep an eye on it and have the Vet check it when I take her in for her next shots.
I cant tell you all how much I appreciate your posts! Youre the BEST!
I found one of Cricket's teeth on the rug the other day. She's 4 months old. I never found any of Kirby's when he was younger, so I assume he just swallowed them. We're going to put it in her scrapbook! :-)


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