Haley has this thing during bath time. She tolerates the water with stoicizm and waits patiently to escape. Wets the entire house untill she sees me with a warm towel ( I dry it in the dryer and make it warm) and bolts straight for the towel and gets a brisk rub. Now the fun part.... Brush time .... She lays there and revels in the brush. If I stop I get the sad puppy face so I have to BRUSH her till she's done or my hand wears out. So what you hot for bath time? Do yours like brush time?

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Kota doesn't like brush time, He tolerates it for a couple minutes. And he's done. Bath time... He doesn't really care for it either... But he takes it pretty well. He can't wait to get out of the tub... And doesn't like me to dry his feet. I do it anyway. Then he runs out to greet the other dogs... And warns them that they are next. Kota is always first. He doesn't like to be brushed while he is wet at all. I have to wait till he is completely dry (usually the next day). Haha.
Warm towels! We are coming to your house! Mine like to race around the house at drying speed(similar to warp speed) and roll on my bedspread!
Yup mine to she runs thru the house at drying speed goes into spin cycle and then races back to see if moms got the towel!
I never thought of a warm towel!

I always brush mine before the bath because they shed so much it sometimes clogs everything :(. I wonder if they'd like it after a bath since all they do is rub around on the floor.
I rub her down with the warm towel right out of the tub and then brush her till shes dry...or my arm gives out...witch ever...because she loooves the brush rolls over and over and over to make sure I get every inch!
Sofi tolerates brushing but I think she starts to tire of it after about an hour. I don't always brush her dry, but if I do, I brush her dry with a hair dryer on low setting to not spook her or get too hot. Keeps her from getting chills too.
I am so not telling my female about the warm towel treatment.....Diva would totally demand that full spa treatment. Lucky Haley! ^-^
Cody loves to play in the water during bath time, I usually let him play in it before I soap him up. Once he is out and I've dried him off as much as possible then he steals the towel from me and drags it around the house. I bet he would enjoy a warm towel maybe he'd lay on it rather then dragging it around! I usually brush him before a bath otherwise his hair clogs up the drain. He usually doesnt like the brushing part.
lol we use a curry comb almost during bath time and I found a mitt that removes a lot of the loose fur and the second coat...I'm going get her clipped for the summer its HOT here
Her coat helps insulate her from the heat as well as the cold. Corgis don't need to be clipped to keep cool. Be sure she has plenty of water and a place out of the sun and she will be fine. Rocky, our tri, gets hotter than Rosie, r/w, when we walk in the summer so I walk them early in the morning or later in the evening when it has cooled off. Sometimes if you clip them, their hair grows back very strangely.
at first teddy hated bathes but now he is starting not to mind them that much. he dosnt seem to shed that much but i always take the opportunity to brush him when i can. i put him on the couch with me and he sniffs the brush and lays on one side till i tell him "other side" and he just flips over lol after awhile he thinks its funny to try and nip at it, not mean or anything but he thinks its a game sometimes lol he seems to enjoy it


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