I recently put this under blog but moved this hoping to get some ideas.

Jake is my 9 year old corgi that has been acting rather odd latterly. 


About two weeks ago, Jake when Jake would go outside, he would not come in to the house no matter how much I coaxed him.  We had a pretty good snowstorm and he just sat out in the corner of the yard in the snow. I had to literally drag him in by his collar.


A few days later he started with some vomiting and diarrhea.  We have had episodes of vomiting in the past that have been treated with medication and diet.  I took him in to the vet and told him about his odd behavior.  He didn't seem too concerned with that,and  did an exam on Jake.  He went through his chart and saw he just had a dental a few months ago and his labs were normal.  He gave us cerenia for vomiting, Hills ID food and a probiotic.  He has been doing great in regards to his stomach issues.

He is still isolating himself outside.  We had another blizzard this weekend and I again had to drag him in by his collar.  He has been a little clingy lately but has always been a lap dog. He has never been a dog that will just sit outside for hours, he likes to be in with us.


His appetite is good,  he has been sleeping well and playing with our other corgi.  There has been no big changes in the household, he does not act like he is in pain.


Could he possibly be depressed or maybe the start of dementia?


I would certainly appreciated any thoughts on this.  We lost two dogs with in the last year and we did rescue another corgi and they seem to get along well.




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Dogs can act strangely after an illness. I had Bella a couple years ago that had a special food several throw up meds and almost seemed worse. I finally took her off everything and slowly put her on her old food and she got better. She had been acting oddly.  Just recently I had one of my rescues start acting strangely after switching her food since then I switched her back and she is better.. Could you ask your vet if you could try the old food again? I really don't have any answers but I know how frustrating this can be.

Hmm that is interesting because I did switch him from Science Diet  to ProPlan  a few months ago.

I just went with my gut feeling and it worked. I just felt so bad watching Bella go through this. Hopefully you can figure it out and Jake will feel better !

Jane has a very good idea about seeing if you can get him back on his old food.

Almost 2 years ago my Max started acting very subdued, he ate fine but just wasn't acting his normal self, when I let him out I would find him just laying in the yard and had to coax him to come in.  Didn't act as if he was in pain either.  Then one day he jumped up on the door to welcome my husband home and it triggered something.  Then I could see he was in a lot of pain.  Took him in to the vet, they did xrays and found that he had a problem with his neck.  Obviously this must have been going on and it bothered him but not enough to show real signs of pain until that one time.

I would see if the food helps, if not then it might be time to look for something physical.

Did he miss his daily walks due to the weather this season? Exercise can kick the winter blues.


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