Do your little guys like the car? If so, do you do anything special so they can see out the window yet still be safe? 

I've been taking Four on short car rides but feel myself having to hold him while driving. Not easy or safe. I just feel bad that he can't breathe out the window like big dogs. Am I crazy :) Four is 6 months. We have an 8 hour car ride during Christmas. Maybe hell grow into it. 

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Another thing to remember with the seat belt harness. I have had this happened twice to me.Make sure the strap attached to the seat belt buckle is not too long. I thought  my dog would want room to move around the backseat. When I stopped suddenly the dog fell into the leg area between the front and back seat. Due to the strap they were stuck upside down in the leg area. I had to pull over and disconnect the harness. I have since bought a blow up pillow through Amazon that fills the leg area on both sides so there is just a flat area all the way across.I do't use my back seat for anything but the dog so it's no big deal for me.But others may find it a hassle if they want to use the back seat for people.

Yes. For Juno the strap attached to the seat belt is at the shortest possible bcuz if he pulls on the seat belt softly like humans, he's still able to move. I like the pillow idea! :) I put a dog car hammock in the back so he can't go anywhere. I too leave my backseat just for Juno :D. but the hammock is handy even if someone sits int he back...just detach the front of either or side. Gail, do u have a link to the pillow u got from amazon? I'd like to chk it out . Thanks!

I have used dog seatbelts for my dogs since 1994.  I would not travel without some kind of safety device for my dogs.  I think that they are less likely to be injured and I am a better driver because I am not worried what might happen to them if I have to stop quickly. 

When My Wynne was a puppy she was in a crate.  When we got our second Corgi, he was an adult and so when Wynne was 6 month puppy old graduated to the seatbelt.  I drive an Escort and there is not room for 2 crates.  Because I drive a small car my Corgis can see out some. They put their feet up on the armrest to get a better view.  However, if we go out on the highway they lay down and nap.  Once we slow down again they will look out because they know we are stopping soon.

I bought this car seatbelt....

This one is a harness with a separate adjustable lead that clips into the car's regular seatbelt.  I like it because it has a clip that works with almost every car on the market.  That is great when we are traveling with our dogs and we end up in someone else's car.

Also, the seatbelt is wonderful so that the dog can't just jump out of the car in some parking lot or at the dog park when the are all excited and won't listen to me.  I can open the door and they stay put.  Then I clip their leash on before I unclip them from the seatbelt and they are safe.

Hope this os some help to you.



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