I'm looking to add a Merle boy to my little family once mason is a little older. I looked up the breeders nearby listed on the national cardi club site and none have responded to emails :( does anyone know of an active breeder that is relatively close to Virginia?

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Try Legacy Cargidans in Greer SC.  Not really close to Northern VA, but she will find a way to deliver if you need it.  We've got 3 from Sharon, one a merle. They're great.  The merle (Ragnar) is a little crazy, but sweet, and the other two are the nicest tempered dogs you'd want to know.   Ragnar and Kelso are half brothers to the featured dog on her home page, Cain.



Thank you so much!!! They look wonderful, and that's not too far for a good breeder :) just sent an email!

You could try contacting Joanna at blacksheep cardigans. She's not really very close to you but she's on the east coast and might have more info. When I started contacting breeders several of them took over a month to respond.

Thanks Jane! She was actually one of the first I emailed...love her blog. Good to know it may take a while and it's not just me. In certainly in no hurry, I just want to make sure I know who I'm eventually adopting from, you know?

Maybe you saw this already, but Joanna has an older puppy from their last litter available on her blog. I know you said you wanted a merle, but he is a really gorgeous flashy black and white boy.


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