How long does it take for Cardigan Corgi ears to stand up? Is it the same as Pems?

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I'm not sure. Trunks's (cardi) ears were up when we got him at 11 weeks. Pan's (pem) ears were still down when we got her at 11 weeks. They were up by 13 weeks. It may have more to do with the genetics of the line than the breed of dog.
Hi Jessica don't fret with the ears. When we got Malibu her ears were up at 8 weeks, but Captain's was a whole other story. We had to tape so many times I lost count. Finally they are. We needed them up as he is preparing to be a show dog. This is the site that I liked the most about taping. I ended up using the molesking instead of a masking tape base but the key is to keep it on until it has to come off. It takes time but is worth it in the ends as the comments at the dog parks and beaches will be I love her ears.Good Luck
We got our little Cardi boy at 8 weeks and his ears were down. You can leave them alone until the pup is 14 weeks old. If they are not showing signs of going up by that point, you should begin taping. We had to tape Finnigan's ears. We used masking tape because it's sticky enough to stay on but not sticky enough to hurt when you take it off. The first couple times you tape the pup will probably hate it. Finn would constantly shake his head and scratch at his ears but he got used to it. We left the tape on for 24 hours at a time and it worked fine. Usually a day or two on followed by a couple days off is best. Also, when taping be careful not to cover the ear canal as air needs to be able to get in and be sure not to create any creases or folds in the ear as it may cause the ear cartilage to harden that way. Cardi ears usually take a bit longer to go up (though it does have to do with genetics as well) because they have larger ears. Just be patient and I’m sure they will go up. We had to tape Finn 5 or 6 times (we gave him week long breaks in between tapings) and his ears were finally standing tall by the time he was 20 weeks old. Good luck!


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