Hi all! My mason is 1 year old an still is a little gangly looking. He's between 27-30 pounds and his chest seems to be growing. I know I've heard they fill out until up to 2 years...anybody know when to expect him to get that stocky look? Thanks! Oh, and will his head widen anymore? It's not narrow, but his ears are still HUUUGE!!!

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I am guessing he will fill out much like a Pem which at 18 months  he will be getting there and about 22-24 months should be done. It's amazing as all of a sudden one day you will look at him and he'll be all grown up:) 

Thank you! People keep telling me he looks weird since he's still got that teenage look and they expect him to be full grown in a year!  Im glad to hear it's normal :)

I actually upped Sage's food for a bit as she was looking skinny but then one day she had just matured into this beautiful young lady...it is rather strange!

Its so true what Jane said. I was just looking at old videos of Franklin from when he was around 1 1/2 and he is SO SKINNY! They were dated September and towards the end of October he had to go in for surgery and he had gained 6 pounds! Looking at October pictures he actually looks like an adult corgi so sometime in about a month he want from gangly adolescent to fit looking adult. Its amazing how quickly it happens! And looking back at pictures he didn't get his full coat (with the fluffy butt and corgi mane) until just after he turned 2. They really do take their time developing! But he may never grow into his ears! Franklin just turned 3 and still hasn't grown into his!

Jeez! That explains a lot, because I always look for photos of corgi's in that mid stage...an they never exist! I guess they all fill out fast!

I call the ears their "Space Alien " stage:)

Love it!!! Haha

my puppy Zeus is 14 months old he is also a cardi he is so huge we call him the moose :) maybe your baby needs a little more food cardi's seem to need more food than pems my pembroke eats 1 cup of food a day and my cardi gets 2 :) seems to work for me

Yup mason gets 1 and 2/3 to 2 cups a day. He was also the runt...his brother is HUGE. He's more female sized at the moment, but I think once he fills out he will look more manly :)

Is he neutered?  Testosterone can help the boys look like boys.  Pediatric neutering can allow growth plates to grow for a bit longer than nature intended making the dog a bit leggier/gangly.  I was also told by my cardi's breeder that they do not reach their full weight until 2 years.  

Yup he was neutered at around 7 months, as per vet's suggestion. I kinda wish I had waited a bit longer, since that probably will contribute to some legginess...but we'll see!

Ace is the definition of a gangly Cardigan. He's a bit less leggy now, but still looks like he's on stilts compared to a mature Cardigan. He is growing at the speed of a snail, which is of course a delight to me as the person in charge of his nutrition and well-being, but some days I long to see him fill out. Alas, he's only 9 months so it looks like I still have a long way to go before he has an adult look.


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