Cardigan Corgi on Bunheads Also in movie-Hope Springs

Happened to catch an episode of a show called Bunheads on ABC Family while flipping channels and in this episode an elderly Cardigan had a good part! Always fun to see corgis.

We went to see Hope Springs and I highly recommend it especially to the older corgi owners (it is about a couple trying to revive their marriage after 30 plus years). In the movie they refer to Carol, the corgi lady and she makes an appearance in the end with three adorable corgis!

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very cool, was it on tonight? hopefully the cardigan has a permanent spot on the show :)

Go cardigans!

I was watching the movie Dave last night (it's been years since I've seen it) and there are two Cardigans in it!

Shoot! I checked the next episode in On Demand and it looks like the corgi was a one time I a nerd or what??

no not a nerd at all, just a corgi lover...I was hoping the corgi was going to be a regular...well once is better than none.  :)

Watching Jeopardy and there is a category in the first round called: Planet of the Corgis!


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