Looks like these guys got dropped at a rescue from a breeder having them accidentally :( I bet they are super super sweet - if anyone knows somebody looking for a smaller/medium size pooch in California.

Broke my heart seeing they were a breeder's accident left at a rescue and wanted to help them out!!


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Oh what a cute puppy! If I was looking for a rescue...he's be on my list:)

I see that this was a corgi breeder, who kept an unfixed shih tzu of her own (hmmm....what's the worst that could happen?), then there was an "oops"? Don't most breeders know how puppies are made? Then, being a breeder, she could come up with no idea how to find homes for these pups other than to drop them at a shelter.


Amy, I went to the rescue's site, and there are several litters that were surrendered by breeders. As well as this Cardigan litter, there is a Pembroke litter, and some others. That does raise eyebrows.

So sad,enough with the designer dogs.We've had both of these breeds in their own breed form.Can't think of 2 breeds that shouldn't be crossed.Nightmare :(!Poor babies.


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