Update 09/11/12:  Just back from the vet.  Everything looks good.  The scratch appears healed, so his cone is off and no more eye drops.  He celebrated with a nice roll in the grass.  

Help!  It's almost 11:30 at night on a work night.  We were getting ready for bed.  Jack was lying on the tile at the foot of the stairs, literally with his chin on the ground minding his own business, when the cat apparently went up and scratched him in the face for no reason.  He yipped and chased her away a bit, then started face-diving in the carpet.  He was squinting one eye.

I got some treats and some good light and had him move his eyes for me and he seems to have a small spot of bright red (blood, presumably) on the white of his eye, right where it joins the colored bit.

Emergency?  Call the vet during normal hours?  Watch it and see what happens?  I know one dog here lost an eye over a scratch, but I believe that was a corneal one.

I swear that cat will be out on her head.  She's a bully who routinely swats the dogs for no reason, though it's usually Maddie and not Jack.  Jack NEVER once has harassed the cat.  I'm presuming Her Majesty was annoyed about something else and took it out on him.   But this is the first time she's used her claws that I can tell.  

:-(      I am NOT happy.   Her Ladyship just got locked in the room that has her water dish and litter box.

Update 09/11/12

Jack is no longer face-diving or squinting, and he can move the eye normally.  Just not sure what to do. 

Update 09/05/12:

Jack's eye looks pretty good.  The pupil was dilated with drops, so that looks odd, but while you can still see the scratch, so far no heavy discharge or bright red areas that are spreading.  

The cone, ah the cone!  Last night was a long night because he just stood in the kitchen and barked for awhile, but he's getting used to it now.  He won't move much around the house unless someone goes with him; he's bumped into Maddie or furniture or us so many times he just waits for someone to tell him it's ok.  He did actually chase his large Jolly Ball a few times (his idea) and managed to pick it up while wearing the cone.  And he's lying down with it on.  He needs it off to eat (he cannot reach his dish with it on).   And he still won't potty with it on, so we take it off a couple times outside so he has a chance to go.

A friend at work gave me a brilliant idea for walks:  loop a string through the little hole on top of the cone (or put a hole there) and hold the cone up while the dog walks. It keeps him from hitting it on the ground.  That and a few treats helped us walk two blocks tonight, which made Jack a happy pup!


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Give the vet a call in the morning just to check. Since he's not fussing with it currently, it doesn't sound urgent.
As for the kitty, she needs a nail trim!

I would say wait til morning and get him in to the vet in the morning. They will likely just prescribe some medicated ointment to help it heal. Don't wait past tomorrow though, eyes go bad VERY quickly, but I do think you are safe waiting until tomorrow morning.

I have a tube of ophthalmic ointment my puppy was prescribed last week. just some antibiotic ointment for his eye. if you have an extensive medicine cabinet you might look around for something with the same ingredients to apply tonight:

active: neomycin sulfate, polymyxin b sulfate, bacitracin zinc

inactive: white petrolatum

Oh Beth...this must be the week for accidents! I would look under the discussions and see if it says anything about rinsing the eye with saline solution. I would call the vet and see what they recommend in the am. Good luck...I wish my cats were a little tougher but not that tough!

We took him in. She did get his cornea. Antibiotic drops and a cone for a week. Poor guy.

Poor guy and so unfair! Hope he is better soon. Makes me glad my cats (rescues) came without claws.

Bev, if we ever get another cat I plan on adopting an older owner surrender (or an existing pair) with no claws.  I don't like declawing and would not do it myself, but after this....  

Boo is still on my naughty list!

Oh Beth,  so sorry...hope he feels better soon.

Very bad cat!  Hope your baby is feeling better soon.  ^..^

Hope he heals quickly.  Luckily our cat would let me clip his nails to dull ends.  Now ALL the cats are outside (love the new property!), so I dont have to worry about claws anymore since they need them and don't have access to furniture to scratch.

How is Jack doing? Put a cone on him so that he can't face dive. Rinse his eye with saline until you see the vet today. Keep us updated!

Poor Jack! Ace once got scratched on his lower eyelid by a cat - but he had it coming, what with trying to stuff the cat's back leg into his mouth. I hope Jack has a speedy recovery!


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