I am considering trying CBD oil to ease my 14 year old Corgis  ( 15 in :March) discomfort from arthritis.  I would love to hear from anyone that has tried it.

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I have not tried it, but have read about it and people have had very good results with it on both dogs and cats, so definitely worth a try and it is quite safe to do so.  Best wishes.

Hi Diane,

i personally have not used it but i do know many folks who do and swear by it. You can find it easily on amazon. they come in pill forms and liquid. 

other ways to help sore joints is giving them turmic powder and green lipped muscle powder. I give this to my corgi and it has been working wonders.

i would also look up on how to make bone broth. super easy and affordable. best part is its a treat for them as its yummy but its pure glucosamine and chondroitin so no need to buy pills 


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