I'm not entirely sure if he's still available, but I think he is because he's still up on her adoptable page, and I don't think he was a while ago.

I would absolutely LOVE to adopt him myself, but I can't because of my living situation.. So I figured I would try and get someone on here to adopt him and give him a good home:D He IS shaved in the two up close pictures. Anyhow, here's the number to call: (214) 762-1328 which the lady said to call for more information. Here's the website!







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He's very handsome:) Hope he finds a good home!

I want him!! I emailed, bc I was worried it might be too early to call. And I really don't like talking on the phone. Hope I'm not too late!
I called and she said that the post has been up for months, and she hasn't heard from the lady in awhile. She doesn't know if he is still available. :( he looked so sweet!

Awh.. Well, I'm really sorry.. I hope that he found an amazing home!


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