Chicago, IL area Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Male, Blue Merle up for adoption

Cardigan Welsh Corgi looking for a pet home. Male, blue merle with champion bloodlines. He is AKC registered with 3 generation pedigree from AKC. 11 months old. He was purchased for show, but does not like being in the show ring, so we are looking for a good pet home for him. Both of his parents are Champions and he has excellent bloodlines. He is sold on full resgitration with all of his supplies, including a large Vari-Kennel crate. He gets along great with other pets, likes children, and will make a great family dog. Adoption fee. Call 312-714-0723 for more information. 


Link is at craigslist:



He's so beautiful, what a cutie! Someone find him a loving home!!

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I so don't need another dog but he is seriously tempting. I'm very surprised someone would be selling him on full registration though...
Very strange.  I wonder if the breeder knows he's being passed on with full registration?  Also strange that someone serious enough about dogs to be given a show prospect would sell the dog with the crate;  most serious dog people collect crates.  I wonder if there is more to this story. 
I found another ad in the chicago tribune that states "to a good pet or breeding home" which really makes me think something might be shady. There aren't too many breeders around this area but I suppose he could have been shipped from anywhere.
Actually there are a ton of breeders in this area and much further west too, before I got Charlie, I looked in the western Chicago suburbs (Naperville, Woodridge, Lisle, Westmont, etc) and there were at least 8 breeders already (though I eventually drove to Oneida for Charlie).

I def don't know the story of this fella though; but if anyone's interested def more research should be done and talking to the owners.
cardigan breeders?
Eh I figured out who the original breeder is, think I should send them an email? I feel kind of weird because it's really none of my business, but I'm sure a breeder would want to know if someone was selling their pup without their knowledge...
Honestly I would probably email the breeder, yes.

Yes, the breeder may not know.


I sent them an email, I figured it couldn't hurt. It's a serious show breeder and not from this area.


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