We have a nine year old Corgi and he acts as if he's trying to cough up a hair ball several times a day.  Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

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Is this new? Usually a what is described as a dog trying to cough up a piece of grass or hair ball is quite often kennel cough. Does he have exposure to other dogs? If so, that's what it likely is. If not, it could be several things including foxtails, a blade of grass in the throat, or heart problems so I'd take him to the vet to make sure.
Hi Susan, could you take a video of the cough?
I agree with Melissa, It sounds a lot like Kennel Cough. Mason just had it, I've heard it can pass with a bit of TLC, but I went and got him some antibios. For him, it started with the hairball like coughing, and then that night he started ACTUALLY coughing up white foam/mucus. The antibiotics knock it right out though, so I'd take him to the vet to see.

I agree with Melissa and Franklin. I had one corgi just recently that had some kind of respiratory virus (she had her kennel cough vaccine) but was around other dogs. My previous corgi had mitral valve prolapse (a heart condition).

So my vote is for the vet to check him out.

Franklin also got kennel cough even though he had the vaccine. The vaccine is not 100% and basically just helps the dog fight kennel cough if/when they get it. It can be a pretty serious disease in older dogs or immune suppressed dogs and can turn into pneumonia so antibiotics are recommended usually. For a nine year old dog its probably best to see a vet. Remember its HIGHLY contagious so even if you just took your corgi to a pet store, groomer, or even the vet he can pick it up. Also if anybody was handling a dog with kennel cough and then came and played with your dog, he can get it. Most dogs are infectious and spreading the disease before any obvious symptoms arise. Keep us posted!

Also is your dog on heartworm preventative? Later stages of heartworm disease often present as a cough.

Hi all:  Thanks for so much information on the coughing sound.  I'm noticing that it is slowly subsiding but  not completely gone.  I had his dr check him and his heart sounds free of a mitral valve.  I've moved on to exploring allergies.  We got an air purifier and it does appear to help.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  In reply to Sam Tsang, yes I can try to make a video of him.  He is on heart worm meds however he also completed heart worm treatment recently.  I'm hopeful that he's still healing and will recover over time:)
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