Barn is my first corgi to own, so I'm not too familiar with the breed. He has very soft silky hair, with lots of fluffies. It kind of feels like puppy texture, but the vet said he is 4 to 5 years old. I've never met another corgi with a coat texture like his. All that I have met have a thick coat that is more coarse. Is this coat texture common?

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Yes, you've got a fluffy and even fluffies have different texture in coat length and coarseness. Check out this video, you'll see at least 5 fluffies and their coats are all different, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Gottelf - the father of all 5 fluffies

Find more videos like this on
Awesome video...loved when all the dogs started running around enjoying one another. Love to see that kind of interaction and could watch it for hours.
I looked at Barn's pictures and she surely is a fluffy. Welcome to the best kept secret in the dog world!
Barn's a cute fluffy!
Barn looks so sweet! I love his coat.Fluffies are beautiful- well I guess handsom in this case.
Thanks everyone. My fiance is looking to buy a female corgi and we would love for their puppies to be fluffy like him. We know its not a desirable show quality, but they are so cute!
Barn is a beautiful fluffy!


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