Being a first time corgi owner, I was uncertain how we would be able to interpret moods/emotions without having a tail to watch. I'm finding, however, that corgis do an excellent job of communicating with their most prominent feature: those EARS! So far I've noticed:

  • erect ears means "What's going on? Did you say walk?"
  • flattened ears means "You can pet me now" or "I'm being so good - please notice me."


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Ears at half-mast to the side mean "I am very relaxed."

If your Corgi flattens his ears when he wants attention, it probably means he's one of the slightly more submissive ones. I have two, and my girl does that all the time, but I have almost never seen my boy flatten his ears for me. He'll do it going into a group of strangers to show he means no harm, but one-on-one those ears are almost always up and forward!
i have noticed the same thing! i use to think he was scared of me or something but now what u guys r saying makes sense:) lol
there is also down up down up down up which means "you're home and I am so excited" I call it the "ear wag"
Flattend ears at our house means....."Oh, my he/she is mad that I chewed the carpet, or sprinkler, or ate the entire loaf of bread " or whatever ugly my two got into while we were out of pocket! HAHAHAHAH ^-^
Yeah, love the ears! Radar would be a great name for a corgi.
I like to watch Casey's ears when we go walking. 99% of the time I notice things before she does (a rabbit, a cat, something new and mysterious she's never seen before) and I watch her ears to see when she notices it. They'll go from the half-massed "relaxed checking things out while walking" to the forward and erect "WHAT IS THAT!?!?! I must investigate!"

She is quite submissive, so we get a lot of flattened ear and the "ear wag" up/down, up/down with excitement, combined with a bowed/lowered head. She bobs her head up and down a lot too, sort of in tandem with the ears up/down.

The ears at half-mast, as Beth described, my husband calls the "low-flying airplane" because it makes Casey head looks like an airplane coming in for landing. She's usually only got her ears like this if she's lying around doing nothing on her dog bed or our front door mat. Otherwise they're up and erect, or slicked back.
Beth, you're right! Our submissive one is the one that not only flattens his ears the most, but keeps them flattened. We rescued him a year ago, and as he becomes more comfortable in our home, the ears are less and less flattened...go figure! He is so much cuter with them up. Our other boy never put his down.
Orion flattens his ears down when he is greeting someone he likes and is super duper excited and wants lots of pets but that only lasts like 30 seconds or when he's meeting strangers (especially children) he'll approach with his ears flat but he's still a pup so he may become more bold and keep his ears up when greeting people when he gets older.
He typically has totally erect ears when he's alert and running around like a maniac and they fall to the side when he's drowsy or relaxed
Sometimes I call them satellite ears because he will sit there and one will swivel around in different directions, I guess hearing things that I don't hear, haha
Haha, yes, corgi ears are their voices! Also, just their expressions are enough as well. I totally know what Eowyn is thinking just by looking at her face! <3
My little one flicks only one ear back when he's going "I'm not so sure about this..."
I think that was the nicest surprise as first time Corgi owners. I love the ear expressions. Izi does the same ones as everyone else is describing, but my favorite is the erect, "I heard something" ears. Very cute!
I personally love the pointing-at-both-sides ears, AKA Yoda Ears, which usually mean, "I am distressed with the current situation and would be grateful if you could rectify this." This is what happens when Edison gets put on a high place for a photo op or dressed in any costume.

Also, there is the flat-at-the-sides ears, his aerodynamic ear setting, mostly observed at a run. There are ears-pointed-straight-up, which means, "There is something going on and I am going to pay attention!" I've even seen him cock one ear in the direction of any noise or disturbance. Corgi ears are amazing!


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