Being a first time corgi owner, I was uncertain how we would be able to interpret moods/emotions without having a tail to watch. I'm finding, however, that corgis do an excellent job of communicating with their most prominent feature: those EARS! So far I've noticed:

  • erect ears means "What's going on? Did you say walk?"
  • flattened ears means "You can pet me now" or "I'm being so good - please notice me."


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Snickers is a master with the ears. It's rare, but I enjoy the "so tired I can't keep my ears up". The tips of her ears flop down. It's adorable.
Their eyes and over all facial expressions tell you everything. They are very expressive wonderful beings. Enjoy your first Corgi. We love our 2 girls! We had a Pembroke before as well and wouldn't have any other breed.


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