I've been considering getting a daschund but I've read they can be a stubborn breed.  Since my corgi is already a stubborn pooch with a bit of an attitude, I'm wondering if these two breeds can co-exist peacefully and lovingly.  Does anyone have, or know of someone who has a daschund and a corgi? 

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If you go to my page and look at the photos you'll see one that says Mowgli and Reepicheep 4:14

Yes dachshunds are headstrong, but that's because they are smart.  Mine is trained as a Service Dog, she is worth her weigth in gold.  I have a Mini, and they may be different from the full size Dachshund.  I would recommend opposite sex. 

I grew up with a dachshund.  That's why it took 2 years for my wife to talk me into getting a dog.

When my first Corgi Winston was 8 years old, I got a full-size dachshund puppy and named him Hans. Winston was Hans's hero - he followed that corgi everywhere, and Winston was was very good to him. I never had any problems with the two of them not getting along. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that Hans joined the family as a puppy.

I lost Winston in 2010. Hans really missed having a big brother and a companion, and I could tell he was really lonely. We have cats in the house, and Hans loves the cats, but it's just not the same for him!  

About 4 weeks ago, a new member joined our family: Harry the Pembroke Corgi puppy who was 8 weeks old.  Hans has never been happier - or acted younger. He and Harry are best friends, and he demonstrates an incredible amount of patience with a puppy who runs, jumps & chews on everything......including Hans!

1st Pic is our first Corgi Winston & his little brother Hans the Dachshund.

2nd Pic is new Corgi puppy Harry with his big brother Hans the Dachshund.  


Beautiful pictures!  I feel better about combining the two breeds after reading your post and seeing your cute pictures.  :)))

@ Kathy - Adorable pictures. That little corgi pup is so cute!

@ John - That made me chuckle. I grew up with dachshunds too. It didn't keep me from wanting a dog though. Lol.


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