Does Anyone Have Any Experience With Bladder Stones or Kidney Stones In Corgis?

Our Corgi has a problem with Bladder Stones or Kidney Stones. Is that a common thing for Corgi breeds? Has anyone had any experience dealing with Bladder Stones or Kidney Stones?  

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Yes. Not uncommon. You will need a prescription diet exclusively to try and dissolve first. Don’t rush for surgery. Can take weeks. Usually it’s hills science diet urinary cd. They should remain on antibiotic during treatment, with an X-ray after a week or so, to see if dissolving.. or stone/s getting smaller. Our dog took about 8 weeks. But dissolved all of them. No problem since. She remains on Hills sd now or for variety, Royal canine SO, I alternate. It is a maintenance diet. The Royal canine comes in canned too, which she really likes. They also make a treat specifically for this issue. It’s basically for life, to prevent recurrence, even if they have surgery to remove. 


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