My corgi pants a lot. It takes him a while to stop. He is a little over weight but I don't think he should be panting for so long. Once he calms down for a whilehe does stop panting but it takes a while. Also when he stands his leg shakes for a few seconds. Is this because he is over weight or because it's just a corgi thing?

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It may be because of his weight or he could have a structural problem. It most likely may be the weight though.

My guess is its because he is overweight but without seeing a picture it is hard to tell. A lot of people don't realize corgis should have a well defined waist and "tuck" in their abdomen when looking at them from the side just like any other breed of dog. A huge majority of corgis are over weight or obese so a lot of owners just think that is the norm for the breed, when in fact it is not normal and it is unhealthy and puts a lot of extra strain on their joints and heart. Franklin is a very fit boy and a good example of how a corgi should look in regards to weight. Its incredibly hard to keep a corgi at weight but so worth it in the long run. If he is older it may be due to pain from something such as arthritis and even a bit of extra weight will make a difference on sore joints.


Hi here is a picture of him. We adopted him from his past owner who didn't have time for him. Also her mother that had to move in was allergic so they had to move him outside for a few months before she contacted us. Here are some photos of him

I agree with Melissa.

The extra weight can't be helping, but I suggest a Vet check-up.  Many other conditions could cause the panting and shaking.  It can also be behavioral, but medical issues need to be ruled out first.

Here's another photo, sorry I'm new to this site

Beautiful Corgi:) he does look a bit heavy but also has a bigger build? I agree with Anna have the vet check him. he could also be scared. How long have you had him????

Yes people do say,he is quiet big for a corgi in general. And we also believe he might have a little anxiety too. We have had him for 3 weeks now.


A hearworm check is very important, especially since they had him outside a few months and you live in Virginia. .  It's a quick test they can do as part of his check up and they will give you results right away.  Best of luck.  Keep us posted.  Love his smile.

He does look a little pudgy but nothing too crazy...have you taken him to the vet since you got him?

No we have not taken him to the vet. The past owner gave us his past vet records and everything was up to date.

Up to date says nothing about his health except that his shots are current.


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