What are some good ways to deal with a Corgi that can go from being a sweetheart one moment

and a devil the next.  This may sound crazy but can they have split personalities or chemical imbalances like humans and how can this be checked out if there is such a thing.  I have seen our Corgi go from being an angel laying on his back waiting for a belly rub to something else be cause my cell phone rang or he was asked to move and did not want to give up his spot.  I know there are certain noises he does not like, anything high pitched or shrill, if I raise my voice.  Any suggestions

would be appreciated.  As far as a house dog he is really protective of me and I can trust him to behave when I leave him alone.  His outbursts do have me concerned and I want to help him.  We have been through obedience classes where he does very well.  I am home with him more now, so I want to take advantage of our time together.  He is going to be 5 years old this week!  Thanks, Corgi lovers!

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How about advance classes? learning is a lifetime thing, it takes practice to build a strong bond between you and your dog, corgis are very smart and you need to stimulate him mentally and physically, all it takes is 15-30 mins each night, give him a purpose and dedicate to walk him daily. It is awesome that you can spend more time with him now, good luck!
Thank you! I agree Corgis are very smart...sometimes I can actually see the wheels spinning in Radar's mind.
Now that the weather is improving a daily walk would do us both good. Our past pet was satified to be passive and we got spoiled with that. I have noticed our Corgi's ears perk up whenever I pick up his leash and I have to admit I get caught up in things that I have to do. I need to slow down and get back to the basics of what Radar needs as well. Thanks again for reminding me of what is important to my little buddy.
Always remember a Corgi is a 30-pound dog that was bred to move cattle, so they do have a lot of attitude. :-) The key is to direct that attitude into acceptable outlets. A daily walk is essential for most dogs' well-being, but especially for a smart athletic dog like a Corgi. I agree with Sam that more advanced classes would give him something to focus on. Mine also love chasing tennis balls around, or some prefer a larger ball they can "herd" around with their noses.

As far as giving up a spot, "Off" is a great command for any dog to learn. Mine get one chance to move willingly before they get unceremoniously plopped on the floor, IF they are awake. I always give my dogs the courtesy of giving them a couple seconds to wake up if they were sound asleep, since I would want that courtesy myself.

Good luck with your Corgi, and enjoy your extra time together!


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