I need help rescuing one of my puppies that ended up in the Colorado Springs Humane Society is there anyone in that area that could pick up a dog from the Humane Society for me? Please repost!

Got this from facebook, breeders usually have a contract that says they will take back puppies. The breeder is trying to honour this.

Thanks folks

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They found the breeder by the microchip, and the breeder has been unable to reach the owners. She will go into general adoptions, if they can't find someone to rescue.

ohhhh, i hope they find someone to rescue this pup for the breeder...

Do you know if anybody was found? I have a friend who just moved to Colorado Springs and I may be able to arrange a pick up? Where does the breeder live?

Doesn't Anna on here have a friend that does rescue...maybe she could help???

I just sent Anna a message...maybe she has some ideas:)

per Teresa Kannards fb page: The humane society called they made a mistake or say that the microchip company entered the chip information in wrong and apologized as the picture they sent is a Chihuahua.

Thanks NL&T I was asking the gal I got the info from for an update and she didn't have one. 

I live in Colorado Springs about 15 min from HSPPR. Please let me know if we can assist in any way. Just saw the post.



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