Corgi Butts Calendar - Sidney is a finalist - PLease vote

Hi corgi friends!

Sidney is a finalist in the Corgi Butts 2013 calendar. I think I recognize a few others from here on mycorgi as well. YOu get up to 12 votes. PLease, if you like Sidney's autumn photo, consider voting for him? Also his girlfriend Annie, her photo in Balboa Park is also there. We'd appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Corgi Butts Calendar 2013 Finalists

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I voted!!!! Sidney looks amazing in the photo! You got my vote!

My Emma is also a finalist!  I voted for Annie and Sidney too.  Please share some MyCorgi love!

I also voted for Emma! I hope you guys win!!!!

We've always admired Sidney's tail! You have our vote!! Good luck!! _^..^_

I voted for you and the other MyCorgis :D Good luck to you!

wow all great pictures, it was hard to choose which others to vote for.

Hi -- voted for Sidney and others that looked familiar, and some that were just too darn cute.  Good luck!  Bertie and Ethel contributed to the choices by drooling on the ones they licked....oops, I mean, liked.


Thanks so much for mentioning Annie in your post.  Your Sidney (#29) looks fantastic.  I actually have two dogs on the finalist list - Annie (#6) and Jack, my fluffy puppy (#18).  Also, congratulations to Emma.  We would all appreciate your help by voting for them.

Joanne Barnard

Voted, it is amazing that I can recognize Sid right away, a corgi I have never met.  i spend too much time here!

Well, he really is handsome, how could one resist voting.

I voted and think that someone who has a pup of mine is also among the finalists:)

I voted for that pup as well.


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