Just curious,
From pics Ive seen of puppies I noticed some ears are up while others are down. Do they sometimes stay bent over or do they straighten with age?

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We call Rafa "Ears" Florin!
Very photogenic and a bit of a ham?
You got that right. Lots of rascal our little Rafa!
I love this whole thread. The reason I wanted corgis was because of the ears! I love the big ones and the small ones and floppy and half/half and ALL of them! I also love how they're a barometer of mood (Yoda ears on the side when they're upset, perked when they're happy/interested, pinned back when they're "on the job")
We tried taping Coopers ears up and it didnt work his ears still havent popped up and he is about two occasionally one will stand up but it falls back down sometimes both stand up together but they both fall back down. Is it too late to try taping his ears again?
How old is he?
Søren has really large ears, too. One of them came up around 14 weeks and the other didn't. I didn't want to tape the other, so I figured he'd just have one floppy. Between 5 and 6 months, the other one came up. It's still a little floppy when he runs. It's adorable!

He is about 2
It's probably too late at 2 years old. I would guess that the crease in the cartilage is permanent at this point.

I don't really get why so many people have an adversion to taping ears. It doesn't hurt the puppy, and it's better for their ear health in the long run to have them stand.
Do you think it is worth a shot I figured it was probably too late but I thought it would be worth tryin at least


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