I got Charlie, last week when he was 8 weeks old. He is a very mellow boy. He loves to sleep! I slowly introduced him to a brush, everyday I brush him a little to get him comfortable but everytime I try try and brush him, he runs away or tries to bite the brush! I know that it is very important to brush a corgi a lot but I can't seem to make him enjoy it! I tried praising him while brushing, gave him a trwat if he didnt move but he still hates it! 
Any suggestions to what I can do? Is 9 weeks to early? Should I wait until he's a little older?

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It is never too early to introduce a brush. My Keke is 16 mths and she still dun like to be brushed. She will also run away or bite the brush but in a playful way. So now, whenever I brush her I will hv a treat holding in my fist. I will let her smell it, even lick it but not for her to eat yet. When her focus is on the treat, I brush her as quickly as I can.
Very light and gentle brushing will not hurt to do and getting them used to this is good. I would maybe try once a week ...if you've only had the pup a week he is still getting used to you and his new surroundings. I have some that will sit to be brushed all day with my rubber mitt brush but don't like the furminator(I would not suggest for a pup). Dogs are different just as we are but introducing them at a young age is good. Biting the brush...is he trying to play? Just keep doing it but I wouldn't worry too much!
I don't think he's trying to play, it's more like "get that thing away from me!"
Duncan was the same way, hated to be brushed. It was a battle for a couple of years. Then one day, I was walking to the back of the yard to get ready for "the battle" and he came running over, and sat right down to be brushed. Go figure. Just keep it up, he'll probably enjoy it some time in the future.
Puppies think everything is a game. At that age, I would just work on getting him used to what a brush is. Let him sniff it, but don't let him chew it. If you can find a time when he is quiet and sleepy, then run the brush down his back, maybe just once or twice, then put it away.

Puppies don't have much coat and a brush can pick. Try a grooming mitt or a fine comb and see if that helps. But again, keep it short. Very short! One or two strokes would be all I'd expect a puppy that young to sit still for, personally. As he starts to get a brain he'll cooperate more.

Good luck!
Seanna hates being brushed. She's two and a half now and I have to fight with her every time. She doesn't mind having her feet trimmed and nails done, but I put her on her back between my legs for that. Then she bolts and goes and rolls in the grass. Go figure. It's like "HAHA! I can undo what you just did, so THERE!"
You needn't push it yet. Make it fun, a game. Lori let the dogs chew the plastic brush handle, like it was their toy, so they'd not be afraid of it, so it's all chewed-up. Make sure you don't pull skin or hurt him; just sort of play at it for now.

I only brush the dogs very one or three months. They do get a little matted when I go this long, takes a little patience to work it out. Gwynnie makes feeble attempts to escape. For Al, it's a massage and he falls asleep. A with nail-clipping, they always get a treat afterwards.
Giving good treats (hot dog pieces or chicken) while brushing may help. Sparty is 11 and hates being brushed even though we have tried everything. Izzy (3) doesn't mind at all so I guess they can all be different. I just put a muzzle on Sparty and brush him thoroughly. He will even stand and wait his turn even though he snarls all the way through.
This technique works wonders. The pups stay still and learn to pair the brushing with getting good treats.
My corgi will soon be 5 and he still hates being brushed. Sometimes he likes to pick up the brush in his mouth and have me chase him...obviously it is a fun game to him. Here is the funny thing, I've been setting him up on our table outside in order to brush him out and he runs right over to the table and wants to be put up. After about 3 brushes, he is done. Thankfully he doesn't try to jump off the table, but I don't understand why he won't stand still for a little bit longer. I brush him out on a weekly basis and most of the time, he doesn't like it. I've just come to the conclusion that he will always put up a fuss when I try to brush him. Good luck!
Colbie also likes to try to bite the brush, but i trained her to sit STILL by holding on to a small chewbone with my other hand and letting her lick it while i brush her with my other hand. I would only give her the whole treat when we were done and I would give her lots of praises.

Another way I brush Colbie is when she's tired. I give her a belly rub and get her relaxed, then brush her intermittently during the belly rub.

You're doing the right thing by introducing it to Charlie early and doing it a little bit each day.
I agree. I like setting a precious treat nearby so he knows he will get it AFTER. Then his focus the whole time seems to be staring at the treat on the table rather than noticing the brush. Eddy always gets treats after nail-clipping, teeth cleaning, bathtime, etc., never during, but that's just my technique. He never protests, he just lets me do it. Sometimes he tries to wander away casually like maybe I forgot what we were doing, and I have to go, "EDDDDYYY... GRRR..." and he comes back sheepishly for more.


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