I got Charlie, last week when he was 8 weeks old. He is a very mellow boy. He loves to sleep! I slowly introduced him to a brush, everyday I brush him a little to get him comfortable but everytime I try try and brush him, he runs away or tries to bite the brush! I know that it is very important to brush a corgi a lot but I can't seem to make him enjoy it! I tried praising him while brushing, gave him a trwat if he didnt move but he still hates it! 
Any suggestions to what I can do? Is 9 weeks to early? Should I wait until he's a little older?

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This is hilarious! Casey does the same thing. She knows when I take out an item that involves cleaning somehow (ears, teeth, brush, clippers) and she'll totally try to casually avoid me. She won't run away or outright hide, but she'll slowly walk over to her bed with one eye on me the whole time and see if maybe, just maybe, if she lays on her bed than I won't do whatever terrible deed I'm about to do. Like lying on her bed is the solution to all problems! And if I let me guard down for a second to fiddle with something else, she sort of saunters away like maybe I won't notice she's gone.
Start off with a mitt, it feels like you are petting them.
That sounds like a good idea. I think i'll go buy one tomorrow =]
Mine hates being brushed as well. My breeder said that blackheaded tris have the least amount of fur. I am not sure if this is so, but she does have a lot less than my red/white did. If I set her up on a chair she will stay still until I am finished brushing her. She fights it when she is on the floor. I'd suggest trying a table or chair and see if that works for you.


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