Someone please go pick this guy up!

DOG - ID#A279571 
Neutered male, tan Welsh Corgi - Cardigan. 
About 8 years old. 
At the shelter since Nov 01, 2010. 
For more information about this animal, call: 
Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA at 626-792-7151 
Ask for information about animal ID number A279571 

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Oh my!! He is so cute!!! Unfortunately I live in Austin, TX but if i was anywhere near there I would go get him. I wonder why he ended up there? So sad.... :-(
Ann, I'm sure they wouldn't mind... if he's still there this weekend I might go see him. They're closed by the time I get off work or I'd go today!
I thought I might let the word out, because I was actually interested in this little guy when he was at the shelter- he did get adopted!
Thanks Caitlin, the ad was posted back in Nov last year, so glad to hear the update!

Just because this question came do shelter people feel about visitors coming by just to play with a puppy/dog? Well, we frown on it. For several reasons. First of all, the dogs are in a stressful situation with lots of strangers coming around to walk them, feed them, visit them, show them, and, most importantly, shed germs on them. Once a dog goes to the Kennel Cough room, it's hard to show him. Same for cats. It's  a tough environment without adding more strangers to the mix. If you really want to play with our dogs, consider becoming a volunteer. Go through the short training sessions that will teach you the same routines that all other people use with the dogs. And the proper hygiene routines to keep the dogs healthy.


Secondly, we are very, very busy. We want to show our dogs and cats to people who are ready to adopt them. There are often people waiting to see animals for a long time because we adoption counselors are busy showing the animals to people who turn out to be not serious about adopting. If you just want to play with the animals, please volunteer!


Now, if you are trying to find the right dog for you, and are checking out different breeds and different individual dogs and cats, by all means, come on in! We want you to find the right companion for your family, and will help you do so. Just remember the shelter is not a petting zoo.


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