I think, I saw a tri in a Buffalo dog food ad.  Did anyone else see it?  Or am I just seeing corgis everywhere.

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Was It a tri color corgi?? I think I know what commercial you're talking about. I was at my in-laws and was like "OMG CORGI!" While pointing frantically at the tv.... if they didn't think I was crazy before.....haha

My relatives all know I have Obsessive Corgi Disorder.  It's to the point that when I say did you see the Corgi photo I posted on Facebook, they say, "Which photo?"  : )   

Do you have a Pinterest Account ?  http://pinterest.com/jrandall53/corgi-photos/   When I first signed up you had to be "invited" by someone else, I'm not sure if that's still the case.  It's a great way to display adorable Corgi photos.  You "pin" them from websites and you can follow other people's Corgi "boards" and re-pin their photos.   

There are Corgi's everywhere in commercials if you pay attention :-D

The latest one I've seen is the new Prius commercial, it is an animated corgi but very obviously a corgi.

I see Corgis everywhere, too! We have turned the car around many times because I see one in someone's yard. I suck in my breath and say,"OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A Corgi!!!". My husband now knows we must turn around and say hello! :) 

First, you ARE seeing Corgis everywhere, but that's beside the point !  : )  I saw it too, but is it a red headed tri or is it a sable and white?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoMf6NehGH4  


Here's the video of the cute animated Corgi in the Prius commerical that Lori mentioned.  I don't care for the car, but the Corgi is adorable ! The animators totally captured the essence of the Corgi !  http://www.youtube.com/user/ToyotaUSA/featured?v=_M8aCqmHr3o


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