Hey everyone...

I'm considering giving up my 2-year-old, Heidi.  This is a very hard thing because she's a wonderful dog and I've been very judgmental and self-righteous in the past about people who give up their dogs for reasons that I believed were trivial.  (I have no right to judge people that way, and feel a lot of remorse.)

Anyway, this is the situation:  I want what's best for my dog.  For reasons beyond my control, she's not allowed in the house. She has a pen outside with toys and a doghouse, etc, and I give her as much exercise and attention as possible but recently she's developed the skills to escape from her pen.  She digs, she bends the wire up, she pushes the (latched) gate hard enough to slip through the space, she comes up with ways to get out whenever I'm not around.  I live in a rural setting, there is livestock around, as well as several packs of other stray dogs, wild animals, hunters, etc.   I'm concerned for her safety.  I don't want her running loose and encountering anything potentially dangerous.

When I bought her, the breeder told me they would always take her back if I needed to re-home her, no questions asked.  I tried calling them yesterday but the number was disconnected.  I'm definitely NOT going to take her to a shelter.  I love her very much and can barely stand the thought of giving her up but I'm starting to feel it might be best for Heidi.  She's a lovely dog and doesn't have any problems other than her escaping skills.  She probably needs to be a house dog with someone who can watch her and keep her more entertained than I can.  She'd also probably enjoy other dogs to play with too.

MyCorgi has come through time and again in situations like this.  Anyone interested?

I live in Selmer, TN (an hour south of Jackson and east of Memphis).  Heidi is 2 years old, purebred, spayed, up to date on Frontline, and has few problems (she's a little food-aggressive, but takes correction easily, and she freaks out about having her nails cut...nothing Corgi owners aren't used to).

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thanks! i looked at it. is it something that i need a truck to bring home? i have an SUV with a pretty big trunk, but i could borrow a truck if i need to. not sure how they're packaged.
I have cattle panels...I believe and they work great! My dogs don't dog so mine are just level with the ground!
I looked and saw that there is a group here on Mycorgi called Tennessee/Kentucky Corgis. I know that I get email an alert when someone posts to groups that I am a member of. I usually check out those posts but don't always see what's on the main page. Maybe you can post you story on the Tennessee/Kentucky page? All you have to do is join the group and then you will have access to more corgi owners in your area. I hope you are able to resolve you problem. I can tell you are really torn up at the idea of giving up your girl.
I totally forgot about that. I am, in fact, a member of that group so I just posted this there too.
Wow, that's a long way! I'm not sure I could afford it to be honest. I could look into it though.
We had a beagle staying with us once (and they are hard headed) in his pen we lined the edge of the pen with paving stones, they are about 1-2 inches thick and wide enough they can't dig under. Maybe with the fencing ideas and some pavers you will be able to keep her contained.
You can also dig down the panel a couple inches...I made a nice gate for mine and can get the riding lawn mower through! When I get home I will send it on my other computer...yes...they are about 16' long so you will need a truck!
Here's the pics...sorry I didn't get the top of the fence as it is cut to look just like a picket fence!!!!

This panel is 3" but I guess if she's escaping I would get the 4"!
i see. thanks!


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