I know food is a constant topic on the blogs and here is another one. We feed Lockett Royal Canin food and she gets 1/2 cup twice a day. We've been trying to get a couple of pounds off of her so we've been trying to do 1/2 cup green beans with 1/4 cup food in the morning and then 1/2 cup of food in the evening. She gets a couple of carrots or ice in her kong for snacks if we give her any snacks. She's not losing weight (but not gaining any either) so we know she's getting enough but she has been acting so hungry. It doesn't matter which combination - food or food/green beans. She does beg yes, but we can tell the difference in her begging and when she's actually hungry and she's been hungry. I hesitate to give her any more food because she needs to lose weight as it is, but we don't want to starve her either. We usually walk about a mile a day for her exercise - plan to do more once tax season is over (I work a lot this time of year!). Any suggestions? What can I give her that will make her feel fuller that's not going to make her gain weight.

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They are masters at seeming to be starving. Our Lizzie is a real drama queen. We give liz 1/4 cup canidae and 1/2 cup green beans 2 x a day and for the first few weeks she acted like she was going to starve. It took a long time for the weight to come off wth that feeding schedule, so like you, I knew she was getting enough. She has dropped 11 lbs and seems to be holding. She looks great. I thought at first nothing was happening , but all the sudden we noticed she had a waist line...I think it sounds like you are doing everything right. I'm not sure what else you could give her that would help her feel fuller. I think no matter what a corgi thinks it needs more. Lizzie is a constant begger and will steal food when given the chance. But she looks and feels better, her activity level is higher...don't give in to those sad begging eyes, I think you are right on.
Stay with it. When we got Moira she weighed close to 48 lbs.! It took 8 mos. to get the weight off her. She got (and still gets) 1 1/4 cups of Natural Balance a day. That's it. Maybe an occasional Wellness North Atlantic Fish treat in the evening. We don't budge. Ever. She can give you those eyes that say, "If you loved me..." But it's all an act. Keep on. And once she starts getting a waist, you can monitor her food and make changes as needed.
Stick with it - it took Charlie a good 6 months to a year to notice a difference. Last vet weigh in he had dropped 8 lbs. He is an oversized corgi but he was becoming quite the tank. He now has a nice defined waist and plays alot more. I can tell he feels better. (He LOVES food and would eat until he throws up - its hard to resist the "I'm starving look")
Atlas gets plenty of food, and everytime he goes to his bowl it's like the poor guy just got out of a concentration camp. It's a corgi thing.
Algy is on steroids and as a result, it tweaks his hunger. He has become VERY food driven and is always hungry. We mix pumpkin in with his meals but another huge difference is in the treats we buy for him. He gets Veterinary Select - they are like little rice cakes for dogs and they come in lamb and chicken flavor. It's like eating a puffed up rice crispy. It's super low calorie so you can give them more of them throughout the day without worrying that they will gain weight too fast, if at all. If you have an active corgi, it wouldn't be a problem.


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