We stopped by Dollar Tree today ... and we stumbled upon the best suprise ever! Well two suprises. We walked down the greeting card aisle, and there was a "Thank You" card with an adorable corgi on it, for $0.50 only!. Then we went down the pet aisle (not that i would buy anything "edible" here for bailey.. eek - but i stumbled upon........ paper plates with corgi's on them!!!! ahh!! and party invites with corgis! Below are some photos. They also had cups, napkins and streamers, etc, with the same corgi photo..!!!

Hopefully there's a dollar tree near you! I bought all the corgi cards on the rack.. all 12 of em, and picked up four packages of the plates.. and two packages of the invites..

i cant seem to keep myself from buying corgi -related items when i see them in a store. It's so rare, especially to see one on a greeting card........ and of all places, a dollar store!

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Aww, I love it! Nice find!
Very cool, I was at a dollar store near me and they had chews with a corgi on them, like you said I would never buy anything edible from the dollar store, but I thought it was cute. I will have to look for the cards and plates and stuff next time. About a year ago I saw birthday cards with corgis at a Hallmark store and I too bought at least 5!!!! I think I bought them all, so cute!
ohh i saw those dog treats.. made out of... cardboard???! if they sold the label seperately, and as a magnet, i probably would've bought it! =P lol
maybe we could turn it into a magnet just throw out the dog treats. : )
Im going there tomorrow!
Thanks for letting us know! I like how Bailey got in the photo too.
dang.. im so getting those for Dragsters 2 year old bday!!
haha, my husbands grandma sent us one of those cards w/nothing written in it so she did not ruin it for us! lol
Nice find :)
These items must be at Dollar Trees all over the country, 'cause I got the thank you card a couple of months ago. Sweet!
Too cute!


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