After my local breeders all stopped contact with me after I asked for the health checks and the ones who do the checks won't breed this year I checked the pet shelters here again... and this time I found a corgi mix!

The old boy (10y) looks so pretty and on the vid he seems very vital as well... and since I will move into my house now sooner then expected I am really contemplating to get the cute guy.

I just wonder what breed might be mixed with him... since I actually think he looks veeeery adorable and cute. Now I just have to hope that this shelter is not so up wound as the other one I was when I got my kitten... or my chances are not so good :/

Thanks for your help again :)

Here a pic and a vid - all right belong to the 'Hamburger Tierschutzverein Süderstraße'

Jack Youtube Vid

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Very handsome:) Looks like a great dog. Don't have a  clue what else he might be mixed with. I'd say" Go for it" you'd be helping him out too!

How could you resist?  Beautiful dog. 

I saw a Corgi that looked like this in Petsmart a while back when we were out with Bailey. The person with him said he was a Corgi/Chow mix, so maybe this is something similar? 

Either way, he's super cute! 

I was also going to suggest chow. Looks like someone took a Corgi head and body and plopped it on longer legs! Very handsome.

Wow, after looking up Chow mix dog, I really found some that really look alike!
Just that Jack here is much more corgi...!

I will of course go for him, I just wonder if now or when I am done with renovations... can you just pick up a dog from a shelter or is it requite that you meet him a few times and walk with him and stuff? Would be my first shelter dog, that's why I ask :)

Each shelter has different rules regarding adoption.  Usually there is an application process which may or may not be followed by an interview.  When we adopted our cat, we played with him a little in the visiting room they have at their facility and then filled out the adoption paperwork and took him home within an hour.  Dogs are a bit different, though, because they're much bigger and (in the case of this corgi) may have other people already interested and filling out applications.

Thanks for the information :)
He is actually already in the shelter for 2 years now, I just must have missed him when I checked the website the first time... I really don't get why such a cute dog won't be taken, just because he is a little older :/

(Though lucky me - chances that anyone else would now be interested as well right now are low, so my chances are actually better :) )

I would ask more about him. see how his reactions are to you. Spend time with him. You will have to fill out an application. Each shelter may have different guidlines they follow. Find out if he's potty trained, although he could have an accident just being new and nervous.

All right thank you two!

I am still moving but I should be done in a few weeks,then

I can totally make an appointment in 1-2 weeks to see him, so -if- it fits he can move in when everything is ready. But since I have a biiiiiig garden now (1,4km²) I am quiet sure the shelter people should be okay with me getting him... I hope!

Kind of reminds me of a Shiba Inu, or Finnish Spitz...

Whatever he is, he sure is pretty. :)

hmmm now that you say it... its really hard to tell!
I actually just wondered to see how the stats are for theses dogs so I could check out how they are character vise as well.

But I agree that whatever he s mixed with, he is a totally pretty dog <3

Keep in mind if he was part chow then either his whole tongue or partial as in freckles would be black. The black tongue runs deep in that breed whether it be mix or not.


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