1.if i have it it,s mine

2.if i saw it first it,s mine

3.if it,s in my mouth it,s min

4.if it looks like mine it,s mine

5.if i take it from you it,s mine

6.if i had it a little while ago it,s mine

7.if you have something and put it down it,s mine

8.if i chew something all to pieces all of the pieces are mine

9 if it use to be yours get over it

10.if it,s broken, it,s yours


      A preaty cute poelm. Enjoy got love them corgis


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how about 11) if its yours its mine; if its mine its mine! I also disagree with #8 if I chew it to pieces--the BIG pieces are mine....the rest of the pieces you can clean up!

i think that  this just fits these guys so much what a funny dog

and i do agree with u linda

I Love this!!
glad you love it linda



if it smells like food, it is DEFINITELY mine. 

everything sme;\lls like food to a corgi!  (i.e. cat poo, snails, )  anything on the floor...is mine!

No good, this is plain English.

Is there a lawyer in the house to translate this into proper legalese?

"..Sec.137.13.B6 ...whereas ownership of edible property ordinarily resides with the owner(s) of the domicile unless and until accidentally or intentionally translocated to the floor, the accidental or intentional placement of said property within reach of the corgi, with or without conspiratorial or serendipitous involvement of the cat, and with or without utilization of such aids as chairs, stools, or other furniture or unspecified devices, constitutes prima facie evidence of intent by said owner(s) to eventually transfer possession to the corgi, so the corgi is justified in assuming anticipatory ownership of said property and expediting translocation to the floor by any means available..."



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