I've got two 8 week old adorable corgis from the same litter. They get along pretty well and like to rough house a lot in and out of their crate. They share a crate and every so often they seem to get pretty rough in the crate. I expect them to fight a little, but sometimes the hard-playing and occasional yelping seems a bit much. I'm no dog behavior expert by any stretch, so I'm curious if their in-crate tussles would affect their crate training or create other behavioral issues. I'd like to keep them in the same crate if possible, but if crating them separately is ultimately better for their instinctual behavior, I'm fine with that. Ultimately, I want well-trained, well-behaved, happy dogs.

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Hi Chile, keep them in two separate crate. 

I haven't had two from the same litter, but my pups consider their crate their own special place to hide out if they get spooked or just want to be alone. If they had to share, they don't have anything that is specifically their own. Like twin siblings in humans... they can share a great majority of stuff, but they also need their own personal things and personal space. :-) you will see a major improvement with separate crates.

Keep them in two separate crates. They are young now and are getting along great but you don't know how that dynamic will change as they get older. You may end up accidentally creating a situation in which they fight over possession of the crate. Are they male/female or the same gender? If they are the same gender then you absolutely should separate them now. Just because they are siblings does not mean they will get along and actually increases the chances that they will have some serious competition/fighting in the future. Make sure to train them individually and show them you are in charge now so you won't have any problems in the future. Good luck!

Two crates, so they each have their personal space and quiet time. With two siblings it's also good to make them comfortable with being separated, which means you can crate one and not the other for a while, or take one out and leave one at home, walk them individually, have one in the house, one in the yard.  Ease into it as the months go by and they mature, so they do not become overdependent on each other. There may be times in the future when they need to be separated for whatever reason and it's really hard if you've not done that at all.  Enjoy!

They definitely need two crates for all the reasons everyone has listed.  Also, are they both wearing collars?  I'd worry about them getting a collar entangled and choking. 

Debbie, good point about the collars.  Two young pups  can get a jaw caught in the other's collar as they play or tussle.  I would leave collars off when not walking them.

They need their own space - and if I saw on your profile correctly, they are not the same gender.  You definitely want to make sure to train them separately and, if they're going to be crated when you're out, let me tell you a story of what happened when I was out of town with my two corgis:

One corgi bugged the other enough that she was reprimanded - badly enough that she needed stitches.  They are normally quite docile and get along wonderfully, but on this day the unthinkable happened and it required a vet visit.  I didn't think it would be a big deal to have a larger than normal crate in use while out of town, but now I know better.  Things can escalate and happen when you are not there to supervise, it's better to give them their own space to escape the other from should they start to bug each other.

Definitely two crates. Even if they got along perfectly, I'd still recommend two crates just to work on them being apart from one another. Make sure you are taking the time to socialize each pup alone so they don't become too dependent on one another.

Hmmm... Really good points. They are not the same gender and we do take their collars off unless we are watching them.

It sounds like from everyone's experiences that there really aren't any good reasons to share a crate other than saving money and space.... and my dogs don't care about that. ;)

I would also gradually move their crates farther apart so they don't bond too strongly.

Yeah, I've thought about this too. They're young, but they are used to being next to each other all the time. I think I could safely have them in separate crates, but across the room from each other.

Well, I went ahead and ordered another matching crate and I'll begin separating them as soon as it comes in.


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