I've got two 8 week old adorable corgis from the same litter. They get along pretty well and like to rough house a lot in and out of their crate. They share a crate and every so often they seem to get pretty rough in the crate. I expect them to fight a little, but sometimes the hard-playing and occasional yelping seems a bit much. I'm no dog behavior expert by any stretch, so I'm curious if their in-crate tussles would affect their crate training or create other behavioral issues. I'd like to keep them in the same crate if possible, but if crating them separately is ultimately better for their instinctual behavior, I'm fine with that. Ultimately, I want well-trained, well-behaved, happy dogs.

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I'll be bringing two siblings home in a few days, boy and girl. They will all have been sleeping all together until then so I was concerned with separating them too soon. They are seven weeks. Given all the above comments how long can I keep them together for the transition before I gradually begin to separate them?

Jeanette, they will have many adjustments to make.  I would set up two crates side by side and put them together at first, sometimes in one crate, sometimes in the other, so they are fine in either one.  When they have become comfortable with their new environment and your routines ( I would allow a week to 10 days ), I would separate them, keeping the crates close to each other, at first, later putting them in separate areas of the room, if that works for you.

Thank so much, Anna! That sounds like a good plan. 

My rescue, Oliver, spent the first five years of his life in a kennel with his brother. After the rescue got them, they decided the dogs had to go to separate foster homes because my boy was being "bullied." Too much togetherness wasn't the best for my guy.


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