My Momo, male puppy – 18 weeks old, has usually been very good with his treats.  My husband and I give him a smartbone chew bone once a week or so, or whenever we feel we need a break from him and his large amount of love, and just let him have some him/treat bone time. 

Anyhow, recently maybe…a few days ago or so, I gave him his fave peanut butter flavored smartbone and he of coruse took it, but then he starts WANDERING around the living room WHINING and whimpering, and from the looks of it, TRYING TO FIND a place to HIDE the bone???

I tend to have my jackets and purse on the couch, along with my husband’s jacket and the couch pillows.  Since Momo has finally got BIG enough to reach up and jump onto the couch he has been trying his VERY BEST to hide the bone under our jackets and pillows.  He walk around the living room whining and whimpering with the bone in his mouth.  Try to hide it behind the couch or under it and then that doesn’t work, he’ll eventually jump onto couch and stuff it under the jackets.   

Do any of you other owners KNOW what he is doing?!?!?!  I don’t want him to be STRESSED OVER by receiving a treat!  I want him to enjoy it… and EAT it.  If I see him doing this and whining, I tell him to leave it and take it away and he stops the whining and pacing.  But is this NORMAL corgi behavior?   


Thank you sooo very much!

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Sounds like he doesn't want it. What you are doing is fine. Put it away for later. He is probably teething and the bone is too hard. Try a frozen wet wash cloth and chew toys designed for puppies. You can also search this site for other ideas by putting search words in the box in the upper right of the page. good luck

My last dog, a cocker mix, did this on a regular basis. It happened most when the treat was large, but he just liked stashing some of his treats. I would try giving him an easy access spot to stash his bones. A light throw rug or towel may work. I'd also try giving him smaller treats, or use a treat toy so he has to work to get the treat.

We bought cheap dish towels and tied them in knots when Chepstow was little.  They were soft and he riped it apart in a few days. That is why we bought the cheap ones, but he enjoyed chewing on them so much

I don't have any corgis that do this, but I have an Aussie now and had a golden retriever/springer spaniel mix that did.  It was their goal in life to hide their treats where they were sure no one would find them.  And when we did/do, WOW.  The "look".  My one dog would be pe'od all day if we saw her or found one.  I just humor them...let them hide them, then move them when I find them.  Of course, they don't know I do that.

Franklin will do this if I give him a treat that he doesn't want to eat right away or that he thinks is too hard/big for him to eat. He will wander around whimpering and burying the treat in all kinds of places but can never find a suitable place so will pick it up and wander and whine again. I take the treat away and either break it into smaller pieces or give it to him later. If he wants to eat it now or in the near future he is ok with having it down or just laying by it. I think you are doing the right think by putting the treat away when he acts like this and offering it at a different time.

As somebody else said, he is probably teething and the treat is too hard and his mouth is too painful to eat it. Try giving him softer treats or frozen peanut butter kongs or teething treats for the next few weeks/months until he's done teething.

Frosty did this with almost every chew treat we gave him at that age.  He grew out of it before he turned 3.  If it is stressing you out, then just do what you are doing and take it away if he is not eating it.

When Murray was a pup he would often prop a bone in the corner of the stair landing and then push the pretend dirt over it with his nose....really cute.  He didn't seem stressed though, just saving it for later.


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