Where could I get Olive some winter clothing, like a sweater or a jacket? She's 1, and 20lbs. Just for when it's cold and windy!

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@Julia (well-put post) ;) Jon, like your springer, gets snow balls between the tops of some toes.  The longer, finer hair sticks to the snow and then the friction creates a ball.  I noticed yesterday, however, that the snow doesn't stick when the air outside is very cold and dry.  Yeah, fluffs would be miserable herding and heeling in cold, damp Wales.  (Makes me shudder, though, at the thought of what the farmers did with all their fluffy babies.  @Thank goodness, Nancy, they make wonderful pets.)


Our local Walmart has snuggies for dogs. In SW Florida. Ugh.
I recommend Smartpak.com for a nice affordable dog jacket. They have nice ones with a warm thinsulate lining but they also have a water proof outer shell. Smartpak was originally just a catalog for horse things, but they now have a huge dog section with some really good horse blanket inspired dog jackets.


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