Corgis and Couches: What stands up to corgi nails and fur?

I am in the market for a new couch/love seat set but I need help from fellow corgi owners. Leather is nice for dealing with hair but will nails destroy it? The microfiber stuff seems really nice but how does it hold up to the long hall. Does it clean easily? I know that our old couch (lay z boy) would just take corgi fur and weave it into the fabric making it nearly impossible to vacuum out.


I really don't want to buy new furniture only to have it ruined in days because I made the wrong choice. I am also not one to cover my furniture with plastic. Maybe I should just get a large collection of dog beds and call it good.


What kind of couch do you have? Recommendations?

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We have cheap leather chairs from Ikea, it's about 4 years old and no scratches yet, I do apply leather products faithfully to preserve them.


I also have a suede sofa, since ours are not allow on the sofa, hair sticks to the bottom. Don't get suede.

I used to have a microfiber couch, and maybe it was my fault for choosing a light color but it seemed like it stained really easily (and this was with the extra "stain protection" stuff on it from the furniture store). I could usually get the spots out, but if you scrub it too much then it leaves sort of a rough spot that isn't very comfy. I don't think I would buy another. We have nice leather couches in our "formal" living room which hold up quite well. Our main living area has a grey couch that is actually made up of black and white fibers so it hides the corgi fur really well.

Thank you all for the responses. I like hearing how all the couches stand up to real life use versus what that salesman on commission has to say. Much to think about.


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