Corgi's are strong...what toys do you own that your dog does not destroy?

Hellooo! I am just looking for some ideas on this subject. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy because I have probably spent $250.00 on dog toys in the last 7 months for our maggie. I want things to keep her busy when we cannot play with her. Her favorite toys are balls, but not for when she plays by herself. We finally found a good, strong, rubber tug toy today, but I am wondering, what do your dogs like to play with? Every single stuffed toy she has had got destroyed with in 15 mins. She doesn't like kongs. She is now down to probably 10-12 toys, all balls with the exception of 2 rubber bones, 1 busy buddy, and one busy bone and her new rubber tug. Any thing your corgi's love?

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All the corgis I have ever known have loved to "unstuff" toys. It's something as a corgi owner I have learned to live with. We have lots of flat animals around the house. They are still good for throwing up in the air and chasing. My Hannah's favorite toy in the world was her flat tiger. They even sell flat animal toys at petsmart. Good luck!! I just love Corgis!!
the hard plasticy/rubbery tire with the rope attached is a good one.
My Corgi LaVerne is the same way. She can have a stuffed toy destroyed in minutes. I was in Seattle last week and went to Urban Dogs pet store and found a large stuffed heart that was labeled 'Battle Tested. Satisfaction Guaranteed" so I thought, what the heck. I will give it a shot. Well its been a week and not one tiny hole in it! LaVerne and Shirley love it and they play with it all the time. Its called "Achy-Breaky heart dog toy" by bamboo play. It has a squeaker in it that isnt annoying and it even floats. I looked at the tag and they have a website. Good luck!
Kong makes a series of toys called Air Kong that are yellow like tennis balls. They squeak and appear to be corgi proof as well as doberman proof.
I always stay away from the rope toys. Many dogs eat the string and get obstructions! Our dobe did. Intestinal surgery is very expensive. The rubber kongs with a little cheese in them are the only things I put in her kennel when I am not around.
I just found one they love and can't destroy! It's a Kong with a squeaker inside...they can't get the squeaker out to destroy it, it bounces when you throw it, and it drives them crazy! Plus it comes in different sizes....
I think I got Ein this and I was amazed one night when he got upset at me not wanting to play and managed to get the squeeker out... He just ate the rubber around the entrance until the squeeker slid out. Thankfully he only chewed on the squeeker instead of trying to swallow it lol.
Jolly Ball is one of Jack's all-time favorites and he's had it for nearly two years.

It's one ball inside another ball, it's probably about 6 inches across, and he loves to push it with his nose and chase it. Warning! It's hard plastic and very noisy on tile floors.

Almost all of Jack's toys are some sort of rubber ball. Nobbly Wobbly was in favor for awhile, but not so much anymore. He loves tennis balls, but I need to keep an eye on them and remove them if he starts to destroy them instead of chase them. Holee Roller is another great larger ball. That one is very quiet. Ultraball is a good one too. They are all tough rubber and last forever.

Cuz makes a line of rubber toys with squeakers, and the rubber toys are pretty tough.

For chewing, since he does not like Nylabones we get those sterilized white cow marrow bones (unstuffed).

We also get him one of those non-stuffed fleece pigs with a squeaker in them once a month or so. He takes out the squeaker in 15 minutes, but likes to mouth the fleece after that. Nothing with stuffing comes in the house except under the closest supervision. He destroys stuffed toys but so far does not eat the stuffing. Still, he can only have them supervised, and sometimes I get one at the dollar store instead of giving him a treat.

No rope toys, ever, after he pooped out a bit of string once and scared the pants off of me.

Madison is new and we're still trying to figure out what she likes. She is maybe not up for the doggie Mensa awards, and so far she likes to watch the pretty balls bounce and hop after them, only to return smiling with no ball.... *sigh*
I just ordered the Jolly Ball. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like FUN!
looks cool and not that expensive, Ella may need one.
Thank you for making this post! I have been dealing with the same thing. I just bought my corgi, Domino, another toy; what we call "bobo" - the long weiner-dog looking toys. I know some of them now have the rope for the body, this is what we got her. She didn't even have it a week and she had ripped the top off, killed the squeaker, frayed the rope, and got stuffing all over our living room!

I want to get her a variety of toys but I don't know which ones are strong enough to stand up to her.


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