my corgi mix, max, is probably the most good-natured, most child friendly dog on the planet. but i saw a side of him i had nvr seen before. my uncle came over to visit one day, and he brought his standard poodles with him (these were BIG dogs). max walked outside, and when he caught side of one of the poodles, he lost it. he ran out and snapped dangerously at the dog, at some points ripping off fur, and had the poodle on the run. the poodle decided to fight back. big mistake. max took him DOWN. he mauled the dog on the ground, and i think he would have killed it if i didn't stop him. also, my bro almost had to go to the hospital due to a corgi that bit him near his house. are corgi's dangerous dogs?

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ya he had nvr seen the dog before, and he was on his property, but it really shocked me bc i had nvr seen him so crazy...
Territorial aggression can occur with any breed, and it's never a good idea to introduce dogs to each other on either one's turf. Usually you meet first on neutral territory and ideally walk them together, and then if they are ok you very carefully, under supervision, let them come onto someone's territory.

Corgis were farm dogs whose job it was to chase off strays, so they might have these tendencies more than some dogs under the right conditions. From "":

"Most Pembroke Welsh Corgis are fine with other family pets, though territorial with strange dogs and cats -- one of his responsibilities was to chase strays away from his own farm. "

We socialized the heck out of Jack when he was a pup, knowing this was a possibility. A well-socialized Corgi is at best everyone's friend and at worst "reserved with strangers", but bringing dogs without warning right up to the house could set off a territorial one.
This is interesting to read because we also socialized the crap out of our corgi and still take him to dog friendly off leash areas with LOTS of other dogs and he has still developed some aggression, currently its just a lot of noise but i am starting to get worried that he is gonna get himself in trouble. Any suggestions anyone?
Most dogs need to be socialized well. I had a Standard Poodle for 18 years and he was quite protective. If the introduction was not a controlled one most dominant dogs will not be happy to find strange dogs in their yard.
Goldy has been a bit of a satan dog since she was a tiny puppy. She's ten times more stubborn than Bear ever was, and has even bit me when she wanted to eat cat poop and I told her no and picked her up to redirect her. Overall she's cute, sweet, cuddly and great with Bear, but telling her no requires MUCH safety...oh and she's only 5 pounds right now...working hard to get a handle on this before she gets too big.
Everyone is right - each dog is different, but they will usually protect their territory and family. If you think Max might see dogs he doesn't know in the future, then keep him on a leash until he has "met" the other dogs. You also never know how the other dog will react.
I don't think Max is dangerous, he probably felt threatened and was defending his territory. I hope no one got hurt in the incident.

This is why I don't take Gonzo to the park anymore. He used to LOVE playing with all the other dogs, but one day he was bitten by a Boston Terrier while Gonzo tried to play with a stick. Ever since then, Gonzo has been protective of toys and even the water at the dog park. He doesn't bite, but he sure displayed a mean bark and snapped at other dogs. After a few more visits that went that way, we stopped going. I was worried that he would snap at the wrong dog.


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