My two corgis, one 7 months, one 11 months, have found a new favorite pastime-- digging up my carpet. Thanks to them, I have 6 large holes in my carpet. They only do it every once in a while when they're both left home alone together. If I isolate the smaller one in the kitchen, it doesn't happen. However, I feel bad because other than the digging they're very good dogs and I hate separating them. And like I said, it doesn't happen every time they're left alone, only every once in awhile. I leave them chewys and toys to keep them busy, and they are regularly walked. Thank you for any help you have to offer!

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If seperating them when left home alone prevents the digging I would go that route!!  We have had Tucker for a year now, although no digging issues, but for my own piece of mind, I do seperate Lance and Tucker when we leave the house!

They are still  young enough that you don't want to give them too many opportunities to be destructive.  Are they crate trained?  For their safety and the houses, I would consider crating them.

We lived with holes in our carpet for years because my husband was afraid if we bought new carpet Snickers would tear it up. Destructive behaviour is a habit. Break the habit- don't let the puppy on the carpet unsupervised until he outgrows/ forgets the fun of tearing it up. He will eventually learn what is ok to chew.

I would just keep them off the carpet when no one is there, as Snickmom said. This phase will pass IF they are not given the opportunity to keep practicing the game.
They have a bitter taste spray and a bitter smell spray that is amazing. I spray I on my couch and my dogs won't chew or anything. It's just a clear spray and can go on anything. Makes them not want to bite or mess with it. 

Or could you isolate them both in the kitchen?  Assuming it is linoleum or tile.  That way they can still be together and play and not get bored by themselves

In my opinion, they are both too young to be left unsupervised and loose in the house. They need to be in an xpen or crated when you are gone.

Totally agree here!!! For their own safety, they need to be crated or in a pen when no one is home!

Too much freedom IMO. They are too young to be left alone together unsupervised. I'd babygate them into the kitchen or other puppy safe room, or use an xpen.

Ok, thank you for all the advice. Yeah, when Frank is left to roam and Ellie in the kitchen, the carpet has not been dug up-- I think Ellie starts it and Frank joins in if they're left to their own resources. I just feel bad leaving Ellie separated. They pretty much sleep the whole time so I guess I shouldn't feel guilty-- just wanted to feel better about my decision I guess. Thank you!


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