Our move to Florida is only two weeks away!! Everything is packed and ready and Chase has his final vet visit tomorrow! We will be talking to Dr. Lindsay about a few more things and gathering Chase's records so we can find a good vet when we get settled.
My fiance is very excited that we will be minutes from the beach though, I'm personally not a beach person. The only reason why I do want to go to the beach is so that I can take Chase! I am excited to take Chase in his little life jacket.
I am already prepared, baby sunscreen, life jacket, swim trunks, beach toys, ect.
My only fear is that Chase will not like the water. We took my parents first Yorkie to the beach when she was young and she did not like the water AT ALL! She wouldn't get in or near the water. I would be so upset if Chase didn't like the beach.

What was your Corgi's first beach experience like? How did you make it fun and enjoyable for him/her?

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Hi Kaitlyn, walk Chase parallel to the shore, let him get used to walking on wet sand, slowly increase your depth, some high caliber treats may help.

Gogi was more interested in eating the sand when I took him to the beach for the first time.  He barfed it up later.

Rocky and Rosie love to walk on the beach, sniff dead stuff, roll in good smelly stuff, chase birds, get good and messy, but they are not swimmers so don't worry if he doesn't like the water. There's more to the beach than swimming. Rocky is personally digging a hole to the other side of the world and then laying in it and getting super sandy. Rosie loves to do the Corgi sprawl in the sand and greet all who walk by her.

Take plenty of water with you and a bowl. Discourage drinking salt water! Rinse him well to get the salt and sand off and be prepared for a pooped pup. Oh, don't forget poop bags for the beach also.

Good idea Sam! He seems to like to play in the river, not very deep. We discovered this while on a fundraising walk for our local no-kill shelter. We stopped at the edge justs to see what he thought, he got nice and wet and tried to bite the stream of water going by him.
I have passed along your advice of No walking near the lakes in FL. My parents have two Yorkies so I passed it on to them.

I am so excited for Chase's first beach day! I will post lots of pictures!! If Chase decides that he doesn't really like the water, I can live with that. I just want him to enjoy it in his own way, whether that's digging a whole to the other side of the world or doing the Corgi wiggle in the sand :)


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